Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outdoor Fun: Zoo Baby

Visited the zoo with Rachel, Olive, and their new baby Waylan yesterday. Totally had a blast. I was excited to see "Australia" open. We hung out with the kangaroos for a long time. Came home and took naps, met Ababayeh at the pool, played at the best play place in the city, and had a picnic dinner. Fish tacos, chips and pico, watermelon, and graham crackers with nutella. Yum. And you know food tastes extra good on a picnic!

Last night Michael informed me that he has a long Friday through Tuesday off! Later in the summer we planned to take a little vaca...ride the train to Chicago and get by with no car seats via buses and subways. We were so excited. Then one of our cars broke down and we remembered that we must pay for our fence.  It is tough to realize that "money doesn't grow on trees" or "you can't always get what you want."  Oh but who knows, maybe people will go crazy and pay double for the George Forman grill and other quality items on our yard sale next weekend!  If nothing else our mini trips to Big Sky are relaxing and vacation-worthy. 

It will be a great summer, vacation or not. A few things that keep us outside are our lack of TV and central air. Can you believe we get by without those things? I love it! Late night chats with the neighbors are quite fun!

Enjoying your summer? Sure hope so.

The Mom   

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  1. i love that Tegegne is riding an African bush pig in that photo. perfect!


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