Sunday, March 28, 2010

After Party

The boys.

The ladies.

You laugh so hard with Grandpa Ben. It's the best little giggle. He's so funny.

The Jones Clan.

Thank you friends, for standing with us as we dedicated our son to the Lord today, and for walking along side us as we learn the ropes of parenthood. You friendships are golden.

Your Baptism!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time with the Cullys

My friend Kate wrote about our stay with them over spring break in Arkansas. Read about it on her blog!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Belated B-Day

Happy Birthday T! (officially yesterday)

Happy birthday friend! Wow, have we really lived together for 3 years? When we bought this house you moved in with us and we put up the Christmas tree together right away! It has been so great to have you here. We love you "T." Michael loves watching sports with you and I love living with not one (hubby) but two (that's you) of my favorite people! And now we have a 4th little person in our house, and it's so fun to watch the two of you interact. Tegegne loves you and thinks about you several times a day. Usually at breakfast and lunch he'll say, "Bye bye Ababayeh, bye bye T."

For breakfast Micah made "T" strawberry crepes and I just happened to be awake to enjoy them as well! They were delicious! After dinner the two of them made a yummy blackberry cobbler in her cast iron skillet.

Taryn enjoyed dinner at Cherith Brook where Micah lives and shares his life. Both of them are very involved in this ministry and community. I have been quite encouraged to hear of their stories and see the work of the Lord through this place and these people. Here is a bit of their mission, but check out their blog.

Cherith Brook is a residential Christian community committed to sharing table fellowship with strangers and all our resources with one another. We have found our inspiration from the early church, the Church of the Saviour and the Catholic Worker.

Our daily lives are structured around practicing the works of mercy as found in Jesus' teachings. We are committed to regularly feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, visiting the prisoner and the sick in the name of Jesus. ~As followers of Jesus we understand our lives to be centered in God's Shalom. Cherith Brook strives to be a "school" for peacemaking in all its dimensions: political, communal, and personal, working constantly to undo poverty, racism and militarism. ~All of these can be summed up as the struggle to connect with the God of life. We pray that Cherith Brook be a space where all of us - the broken - can come to learn and relearn the ways of Jesus; a place to struggle together for God's call of love, mercy, peace and justice.

The Drop Off Lane

Home in Union Hill for sale.

So I was talking on the phone with our adoption social worker while driving through some unfamiliar neighborhoods to stall before our 10am appointment. I was noticing the lovely homes around Union Hill, and kept driving. While trying to focus on my conversation, I turned a corner and realized I was in the school drop off lane for the Foreign Language Academy! I wanted to laugh out loud, but was still on the phone with the sw. There was no way out, so I stayed in the line and it felt like I was dropping you off for school. I saw many darling little dark skinned kids with their backpacks on ready for a big day. You'll be in school soon enough, and I'm not ready to be in the drop off lane for real.

We got out of the school driveway and made it to our 10 am appt early. Getting you to nap was much harder today than normal, but you are sound asleep so I must get some work done!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Party

You loved playing with all of your sweet cousins at Macie's birthday party. They have a lot of pink and girly things at their house. I noticed you were quickly in and out of the tent full of girls thinking where is the manliness around here?

BTW, I've noticed from the JW Playgroup, this party, and shopping at Gap Kids that pushing a baby stroller could be one of your favorite past times.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hole Diggers

My boys were hard at work digging holes to set the posts for our deck.
Ababayeh has worked his rear off digging these holes for 4 days in the snow and all! We are ready for the fun part of the deck to begin. These photos are pre-snow. I should take a picture of it now because the concrete is caked with mud because of the snowy slush. Owen came into the house several times with the muddiest feet I've seen yet. Needless to say, I must deep mop the floors. Gramma Debby, wanna come help?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snow What?

Happy Spring! Happy Snowfall! Sunny one day, snowy the next, and warm and sunny again today. You are quite interested in the snow and enjoy eating it. In the second photo you are crying because there is snow on your hand. You must toughen up little one. At the same time, I should work on getting some gloves on your hands.

Special Drink

When mommy gets her special drink, you also get a special drink in your mini mug and saucer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

False Alarm & Wagon Ride

Did you enjoy the day? I sure did. Most of the time our mornings are kind of slow. I thought we were heading out the door at 9:30 am to run errands, but somehow an hour went by and you were just out of the bath, getting dressed, feeding Owen, having a snack, and putting your coat on. At 11am we made it to Gymboree for some sunglasses and shoes for your baptism next we.

Potty training is exciting. We were in Gymboree and you said "potty" so we sat our things down, hurried across the street to the Noodles & Co. where we found a family restroom. I tried setting you on the potty and you stiffened up and said, "No mommy, no potty, noooo potty" along with some crying. So we washed our hands, you tried to flush the toilet several times (but you didn't get to it because mommy is fast and flushing is part of the reward), and we went back to Gymboree. We walked back in the door and I put you down and you instantly said "Potty, potty mommy." I replied, "I'm sorry, but you just had your chance to potty." We bought our things, went home, and I changed your dirty diaper.

Later you went for a wagon ride, with Owen and I and I realized that I was a bit ambitious to take the large wagon all over the neighborhood. We have huge hills and I barely lugged you up one of them. I was desperately commanding Owen to help pull. He did. Phew. That's what the jogging stroller is for!

(Since I asked you to smile, you were trying with all your might not to.)

We Heart Jessie

Yes, we heart Jessie and her "kitty-meow" and her Kansas City fashion blog and her NEW closet consulting business called Style and Pepper! I think people will truly love Style and Pepper, and will totally appreciate Jessie's expertise in revamping their wardrobe. Check it out and give her a call!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Honky Tonk

Just visited Arkansas and now you're wearing mullet wigs around...what's gotten into you son?

Okay, the truth is you were not willingly wearing that wig, but maybe that's obvious by the photos. It is totally fine with us if you do not become the next country music star, just thought we'd see if you were interested. And yes, it's true. People in this country really do have hair styles like this. I'm not kidding.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Digging for a Deck

house photos from here.

Well, it's spring break and we spent two point five enjoyable days in Arkansas, then your dad thought he should get into a difficult project. He is adding on to our back deck. I am very excited about it. He was excited until he realized that the whole day would entail jackhammering six large concrete blocks out of our driveway. At first we thought it may be a 3 day/3 dollar project. I think it's better that we start all projects with this mindset or we/he wouldn't be so ambitious! The photos above are deck inspiration, but also just mommy's daydream for the day.

In the mean time, I'm trying to learn how to be a good mom. Each day seems to be better than the last. One book says that as a toddler you will imitate your dad and I. What we are doing is what you are most interested in. I've found this to be quite true, so while I chopped tomatoes for the soup you chopped next to me. (although I had a new CutCo...thanks Joneses, and you had a very dull butter knife.) And while your dad jack hammered, we cleaned up the back yard, and you tried to get his attention with every barking dog and passing vehicle that you could hear. I also filled a large bucket with "oohwa" so you could pour it from one cup to the next. There was no miniature jackhammer at the Home Depot or you would have been right out there with him!

Ababa-yeh came in for dinner, put you to bed, then went back out for another half hour of jack hammering. I went to Micah's soccer game with Taryn, but rest assured that your father had the baby monitor duck taped to his power tools just in case you awoke from your sleep.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Nick A Name A Nickname

For weeks now, I've been trying to give you a nickname. Nothing seems natural yet.
Other people are doing just fine giving you nicknames, but I am having trouble. So far it's Tegs with a long e, but I usually laugh afterwards. Also Tegen. I can easily call you that, but it doesn't seem like a nickname. Hopefully soon you'll tell me your preference. So far others call you Tegen, Little T, or just T. For the most part people say Tegegne, which I spell out phonetically for the church nursery on your sticker ID tag. I love your name, and I love calling you by your name. Just thought I'd have a nickname for you by now. The problem is probably that I'm trying too hard. By the way, it was fun to go back and read THIS post that I wrote before we knew you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nelson Picnic

you love taking pictures, with my help, and were quite proud of this one.

As far as mother son outings go, this one was by far my favorite. What an enjoyable day we had together with a long stroll to the Nelson lawn, a picnic up on a hill, racing down the hill, a game of tag, a tour through the Bloch building viewing the artwork. On the way home you slept and I went to the bank and did some shopping-but-just-looking at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. All on foot. Good workout for mommy. Thanks for this fun day, Tegegne.

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's Day Parade

We represented Academie Lafayette at the Brookside St. Patty's Day Parade on Saturday, along with the Lafayette Stomp Team, cheerleaders, and other fun parents, teachers, and kids. We were advertizing their big upcoming fundraiser called An Evening In Paris. A few things I realized after we started walking in the parade...must bring candy to throw out if walking in a parade. And could have been a bit more green. Instead of candy, we just waved our way through!

After the parade we stopped in the Reading Reptile. Coolest bookstore for kids! Tegegne made a little guy friend there and was also getting picked on by a few other boys that were asking him, then telling him to please leave their fort. They said it over and over. I'm not sure how he would have replied if he'd fully understood them. He was just staring at them and staying put, so maybe he did understand them. It is a fun place to hang out and find some good books.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unusually Dressed

Okay, you are not the one to blame for wearing this unusual article of clothing. I am. We were upstairs while I was getting ready and you were looking for something to do, so I thought I'd see how much growing you needed to do before you fit into your father's underwear. These photos are deceiving, because you actually wore this around for about an hour trying to keep it on your shoulders, and we laughed a lot. You were upset at me in both photos, (especially the second!) because you wanted to hold the camera. It had nothing to do with humiliation!

Friends House for Sale

I had to give a shout out for my friend's house for sale in Brookside. For you out-of-towners just dying to move to KC, Brookside is a charming neighborhood full of character with darling families! This house is in a wonderful neighborhood with a park at the end of the street!
They are trying to sell their home asap, so tell your friends!
(And while I'm plugging houses, there are three available on our street. One for rent, two for sale. We would love to have good friends as neighbors. Let me know if you're interested.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Water is Fun

You loved the mass amounts of heavily chlorinated water that shot out of the fountains at Addie's Pool Party. You eventually held your head in the fountain, and it stayed there for the remainder of the party. It was funny. You probably drank more of that water than I'd like to know about. Speaking of which, you must stop taking drinks out of Owen's dog bowl. I've caught you 3 times now. Not funny. I think water is one of your favorite things. Brushing teeth (turning water on and off), eating snow, always noticing when Owen's out of water and refilling his bowl, taking baths, playing at the water park, water fountains (you don't drink but just let water hit your face) , touching raindrops, drinking clean water...the pouring of water from one vessel to the next occupies good chunks of time. Water. It's crazy to think of the abundance we have here. God, help the arid lands.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Been Busy

You've been busy:
Jogging with daddy (riding along that is)
Doing yard work with mommy (helping some then taking periodic wagon rides up and down the street)
Attending your first bowling party
Having fun with grama debby and g.g. ileen
Visiting cousins
Meeting grammy heinlein
Going to the park with owen & i
Visiting your new pediatrition, dr. kevin. (i am so excited about dr. kevin. he was not the doctor recommended to us, but once i went to his flickr page i knew he would be a great fit)

Upcoming fun:
Saturday we will walk in the Brookside St. Patty's Parade representing Academie Layfayette!
Next week is daddy's spring break! we will go to fayetteville and visit the cullys, then go to eureka springs for a night. can't wait for you to meet sweet norah cully!

photos to come. can't find our camera charger and battery is dead. must keep looking.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

mommy and ababa,
happy 27th almost 30th birthday! i can't believe you've had 26 birthdays without me in the picture. did you wish for me on your last birthday? so glad i'll get to celebrate the rest of your birthdays with you because i like you a lot. wait, isn't it unusual for mommies and daddies to have the same birthday? is this something special? mommy, is it true that you are 2 hours older than daddy?

ababa, thanks for teaching me how to pray, for taking me on jogs, for tucking me in every night, for teaching me french, for letting me build fires with you, and thanks for making me laugh so much.

mommy, thanks for our picnic date, for singing with me, for making me my favorite snacks, and for letting me kiss you over and over.

i hope you guys have a fun date night. don't worry about me. i'll be playing with gramma debby and great gramma ileen, so i may not even know you're gone.

i lub yew.

tegegne jones

Sunday, March 7, 2010

favorite things

here are some of your new favorite things:

salsa, by the spoonfuls.
flushing public toilets. over. and. over.
water parks. (today you were completely fascinated by the "oo-wa" at the Gladstone Community Center during Cousin Addie's pool party. we had so much fun swimming with you.)
opening your peanut butter and jelly and eating the jelly side first.
pointing and naming every last bit of snow that hasn't melted away.
playing tag.
giving a ladies hand a kiss.
yogurt. beets. applesauce. grapes. and brownies.
my favorite. getting your daddy and i to kneel by your bed to pray at night.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stair Master

I caught you cute head. Your new favorite thing is to climb up the stairs and close the door...which you cannot you call desperately for my help and I come running to save you. You have high hopes that I will always come to your rescue.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Franck and Brynn

Dinner with Franck and Brynn was so French and so fun! It was so French because well, Franck is French and Brynn speaks French. They have a great--falling in love in France--story. Also French because we had Kir Royale to celebrate you, Little T. Also French because the delicious bread was sitting directly on the table, they served cheese between the entree and dessert, and most importantly it was French because we sat around the small cozy table and visited and ate for the majority of the evening. It was nice to be in Kansas City, but to be hosted as we were in France.

And it was fun because Franck and Brynn are just super fun. Brynn is about travel to Haiti with the actual Patch Adams, her father, and a crew of clowns to love on kids. She's so fun!

Thanks for the lovely dinner, Franck and Brynn!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Library Social

So I learned that mommys hang out at the library on Thursday. It's quite the place to be. Storytime, craft time, and of course...a social. We went with one of your new friends from church. She is going to be your good buddy and hopefully you guys will be in the same class in school. You were both born in September of 2007. She's so fun and her mom is pretty great too! We love the Johnsons! (Thanks for introducing us to all the great parent/kid things in town!)

You were trying to make friends with this little guy and eventually you hugged him, luckily he accepted.

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