Sunday, March 7, 2010

favorite things

here are some of your new favorite things:

salsa, by the spoonfuls.
flushing public toilets. over. and. over.
water parks. (today you were completely fascinated by the "oo-wa" at the Gladstone Community Center during Cousin Addie's pool party. we had so much fun swimming with you.)
opening your peanut butter and jelly and eating the jelly side first.
pointing and naming every last bit of snow that hasn't melted away.
playing tag.
giving a ladies hand a kiss.
yogurt. beets. applesauce. grapes. and brownies.
my favorite. getting your daddy and i to kneel by your bed to pray at night.


  1. Kristyn! I just found your blog today (thanks to Stephen Darby) and I love it. I went back and read so many of your posts. I feel very inspired by your story and the awesome heart God has given you. I will for sure be following your blog on regular basis. Take care. Much love.

  2. i have to did you even know he liked beets? Fresh? Canned? Intriguing...maybe I need to try this with my two little munchkins.

    Fellow AWAA YG group member
    Autumn Chambers


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