Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cool Stuff: Could Be Yours!!!

Must check out one of my brothers current online auctions...Super cool stuff, many current bids under $5!!!

Child Size!!! ($1, current bid!)

Awesome desk with drawer!

Bid HERE to buy it!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend: Cousins Galore

Lydia, Rowan, Tegegne, Orien, Ava, Olivia, Maddy, and Hensley 
Chasing kids calls for a break! (Me, Grandma, Mom, Tarah, Christina)
Grandpa Ben is a good playmate.
Hens spots Daddy from afar, yells to him with delight, and does the run and jump into his arms!
Christina, Lydia, Aunt Donna, and Noah by the Lake
Tarah and Andrea
Hal and Grandpa Orville
Fieldsy's Quilt Time with Daddy
...and with Gramma Debby
Aunt Deanna and Christina

Erica, Cela, Andrea, and I
Boys will be boys 
Grandma telling jokes!

Zane is quite the athlete!
And so is his sister Gracie.  

Hensley and Orien are a month and a half apart and quite good buddies! 
Everyone loves Grandma Ileen. She had the kids do a scavenger hunt, and really knows how to create good fun!
The Dunivent Family Reunion 2013 was quite a success. Antioch Park, Shelter II was a great spot for our afternoon and evening gathering. 

Highlights included: 
Michael and Bob's 2 hours of pitch and catch. 
Delicious food.
Tegegne's long game of soccer. He was the youngest player, but stuck with it for hours.
Grandma Ileen's scavenger hunt for the kids.
The kids loved watching the goslings on the lake. 
Hensley's bubbles with the little ones, swinging with Grandpa Ben, and eating all afternoon.
I enjoyed chatting with the gals, and eating all day. (Like mother, like daughter.)
Everyone was glad when Uncle Eric arrived later in the day from St. Louis. 

That gathering was on Saturday. Then yesterday we enjoyed our Supper Club, and walked with them to the Celebration at Liberty Memorial. Picnic with our friends, topped off with a fireworks show. Fieldsy, you didn't even cry at the loud cannons. And you laid on me and watched the fireworks (you're such a good baby). Tegegne sat on Shanna's lap during the show, and wrestled with Tyler and Alan, played games with Nate, learned to grass whistle with Devon, and sat with Larison and Daddy. Hensley had her very own sleep over at the Condo with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Long weekends are the best.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Large, Lovely Home: Historic Urban Neighborhood

New Reduced Price + New Central AC!!!

  • 3250 Square Feet of Historical Charm with Modern Touches
  • 4 Large Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, Ample Living Space
  • Nice Corner Lot on Wide Streets
  • Solid Brick Home (3 Layers Thick!), Good Roof, Updated Windows 
  • Fully remodeled Kitchen with Open Plan and Exposed Brick Walls
  • New Back Deck, Back Fence with 2 Gates, Custom Fire Pit, and Sand Box
  • Updated Lighting on Dimmers
  • Large 2nd Floor Laundry Room with Deck Access
  • Huge 3rd Floor Mother-In-Law Quarters with Full Bath, Full Kitchen, and Deck with Views (This space is a huge bonus!)
  • Gorgeous woodwork throughout home with huge pocket doors
  • 3 Beautiful Original Fireplaces
  • Solid Stone Foundation, Large, Clean Basement (Never Damp!), New Water Softener,  New Radon Mitigation System Installed
  • 300 AMP Electrical Service
  • Large Efficient Furnace 10 Years Old, Recently Serviced and in Great Condition
  • New 1st Floor Bathroom is a Must See
  • Large Closets and Storage Space Throughout Home
  • Playground right across the street
  • Acres of Park, Trails, Frisbee Golf, and Rock Climbing 2 blocks North. (Cliff Drive)
  • Amazing Local Bakery within walking distance. (Boulevard Bakery)
  • Summer Farmers Market within walking distance. (New Roots for Refugees)
  • Taco Trucks with the best food, Authentic Mexican Grocery Stores (Limes 5 cents, and Cilantro $1, and home made tortillas!!!)
  • Bike Ride to River Market
  • Quick Hwy Access to get Anywhere in the City
  • And did I mention GREAT PRICE and oh yeah, BRAND NEW 5 TON AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!
This is what I call a lotta bang for your buck folks! No midtown home can compare for this price! Our neighborhood association is very active, a good group of folks. Our neighbors are nice, and our street is quiet. I'm here all day and keep my front and back door open over half of the time (on nice weather days)!  

So go ahead and send your Family Friends, Creative Colleagues, and Aunts from Atlanta on by...they won't wanna miss the opportunity to buy this home.

Why are we leaving this lovely home? We love design/build and are excited about a new project. We want to get closer to Michael and Tegegne's schools. 

With Love and Anticipation,


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fields Benjamin: 8 Months

Clap, clap, clap, clap your hands! Hi Baby Fields. You are so cute. Dad noticed you've got my ears, Iman ears. Some say you look just like your dad, and more like Hensley as you grow. You are so much fun, easy going, and snuggly. You are kind of rough and tumble with Tegegne already. You love to stand, holding on tight. You sit very well and rock yourself to your tummy. Will be crawling very soon. You have waved a few times. Like to eat everything. Since you still have plenty of breast milk, I'll fill a bottle with almond milk if we are out and about. You have two bottom teeth, two top teeth, one of them is half way out and one all the way. A little snaggletooth.  Your baths are now with Hens and Tegegne. Your favorite toy is Moose, in the first and last picture. Daddy and Tegegne and you had some great boy time this weekend.

Love you, Bug.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Featured Friend: Friday

1. Tell us about yourself and your family. 

Our little family started just 3 years ago in 2010 when Nick and I got married.  Then a year ago, Judah was born and has added the most incredible dynamic to who we are.  Nick works at Premier Marketing and is a photo wizard.  Seriously incredible.  He also has a photo company called SCOUT visual, so he stays busy with that as well.  I am an art teacher at an urban school that is grades K-5.  Judah stays with family and good friends while we work and saves lots of energy for fun with us at night and on the weekends!

2. You are the coolest art teacher, but what else do you do? 

Along with teaching art, I stay busy with a few little "hobbies".  I sell vintage clothing and other little treasures at a place called 600 Central here in Kansas City.  It's such a cool store with 4 floors of incredible vintage furniture and goodies.  Judah has gotten really great at helping me explore the city for great vintage finds.

I also do hair for weddings and other special events on the weekends (mostly in the Summer when I'm on Summer break.  (  I enjoy getting to know all the sweet brides and being a part of such a special day in their lives.  I love having several artistic outlets to keep me busy!

3. Will you share some stories from the classroom? (Katie does THE best impressions.)

I love getting to be a part of my students lives on a daily basis.  It's so amazing to be a part of encouraging them and growing them into the incredible people they will be.  They already possess so many qualities that I am constantly envious of.  They are alive, free and unbelievably creative.  They are amazing.


I absolutely love hearing my kids talk about life and such.... They say hilarious things.  A few of my favorites off the top of my head:

"Mrs. Welch, all deez people be coffin (copying) offa me cuz minez be lookin crispy." (crispy means good)
"Welch, I straight up saw yo double ganger dis mornin.  Seriously. Same face. Same body." (doppleganger)
"Mrs. Welch, I wish I was deaf or Austin was mute because I am SO sick of hearing him talk.  Like...I seriously feel ill!"
"I done dug deep in ma heart for dis drawin, Ms. Welch.  I be rockin too thick here on dis drawin like da dude on Twilight.  Ya know?  He a'int got no shirt on cuz he a star.  Den down here I drew a buncha top hearts with top hats on"

I mean... they're brilliant, right?  Seriously.  They are hilarious and their creative minds constantly give me ideas and challenge me, and they're hearts do as well.  I am so blessed to get to do life with them everyday.

I do however, keep a stash of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Dr. Pepper for rough days. Most days are prefaced with prayer and asking God to make me like Him in His grace and love, because lets be honest... after about 145 questions about....nothing... I start to lose my mind. :)

4. Why is being a wife to Nick and a mom to Judah so awesome?

 Being a wife to Nick is the best.  He is the most laid back, patient man I've ever met. He loves well and is constantly serving me and teaching me how to be a better person.  He loves God with his whole heart and just lives it so humbly.  Watching him be a dad to Jude has been one of my favorite things about our marriage... it's such an amazing connection.  Judah has both of our hearts entirely.  He is just the epitome of life and joy.  I am constantly thanking God for who Judah is and that I get to be his mommy.... I can't even believe it. I have wanted to be a mom since I was about 5 years old.  I seriously carried around a life size doll until I was 12... ha!  Judah is everything I've ever dreamed of in a son.  I couldn't be more in love with him.  

5. Thinking of adding on to your family?

When we got pregnant with Judah we were sort of in the process of finding out about adoption.  We felt doors closing in a lot of different directions with adoption and when we found out we had a little nugget growing in my belly, we decided to put adoption on hold.  One of our first conversations when Nick and I met was about adoption and how it was a make or break deal with whoever we married because adoption was so heavy on both of our hearts.  We are thinking one more biological babe then adoption after that.  My heart beats a little faster even thinking about it.

6. Describe your dream house? 

Oh dream house, when will we ever find you?  We like a good mix of old and modern.  Nick loves clean lines and white everything and my heart falls for the history of a place and the stories that happened there.  I think the dream home would be an old fire house or building turned into a modern mix.  High ceilings, lots of brick, wood floors and white walls.  It would have to have a big back yard for our 120 lb. Weimaraner, Moses.  Maybe someday the dream home will come along, but our tiny bungalow is the place for now. :)

7. Judah Bear is just over one. What are some of your best moments with him so far?

I have life changing moments with Judah everyday, it seems. He teaches me so much about life and my own heart.  I would say some of my best moments with him have actually just been normal times at home, talking.  When he said, "MaMa" for the first time, I melted straight onto the floor and cried.  It was the best.  Also, bedtime every night is so sweet.  I love reading to him and when Nick and I surround him and kiss his head a million times before he goes to sleep, it's just one of those life moments where you feel like everything is right with the world.  I'm so grateful that I get to have that moment every night.  He's  a blessing.

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