Tuesday, June 30, 2009

these boots

These boots are made for walking, maybe even hiking with your pops in the mountains. Or helping your dad shovel snow in the winter. Yes, snow. We'll explain that one when you get here. It will be so fun to take you sledding down the big hill at the park nearby. We can hear and see the kids from our back porch when it snows. Can't wait to introduce you to snow! Wow! Not sure why I'm thinking about winter in the middle of summertime! I guess it's because I really liked these boots and I can picture them on your little feet. Talk to ya later, little dude. Have a good day.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ethiopian connections

Hello dear. How are you? I hope you are well. This week has been full of Ethiopian connections for me. A friend of mine, named Ali, was in a store looking at jewelry. She asked about a particular bracelet and the nice man said it was made in Ethiopia. She said she had to get it for me, and so she did! How thoughtful! Now I'm wearing a beautiful golden heart shaped bracelet and thinking of you...thanks Ali! I was at the park this week with friends and a lovely gal named Bethany caught wind that we were adopting from Ethiopia. She was just there a month ago. I got to see all of her photos from her trip and talk about your culture with her. It was great! And last Sunday I met Salem and Tsega. Did I already tell you about them? They are darling Ethiopian gals that go to our church, adopted just a year ago. Another friend at church named Charity told me of another couple in our church adopting from Ethiopia, so I will have to get in touch with them. And lastly as I sat down with my prayer partner in the prayer chapel at the end of church today and she was talking about the Blue Nile, the local Ethiopian restaurant. I also got to think of you as the 20 (or so) thoughtful people asked me how the adoption process was going. So, don't worry you are on my mind, k?

P.S. No Immigration paper yet. They said it should come in 2-4 weeks, and tomorrow starts the 4th week. Run faster mailman, faster!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

be still

i took this backpacking 5 years ago in the colorado mts

Our pastor talked about being still before God last week at church. It has been very good to think about that this week. Be still. And know that I am God. I have found it quite nice to sit quietly in the living room on the sofa, a place where I usually hear the background of the TV, but not this week. I sat and was still. Probably not for long enough. But it was good.

I'm not even sure if this concept makes sense to you. If you are little, like I imagine you are, this "being still" idea probably only makes sense if you are satisfied. (aka not hungry or poopy.) Don't worry about it, someday I'll teach you about the concept and we can work on it together.

No mailman yet. I mean, he's bringing stuff but not the right stuff. You know. The real deal paper that I eagerly seek as I get home from work each evening. I know it will come. And so will you.

Good night little monkey,


P.S. I painted your closet door parakeet green yesterday. The door frame too. The rest of the room is light blue with white crown molding. I think you will like it. Good night.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grandpa, and Grand he is...

So here he is, Grandpa Jones. He is my dad and one of your new grandfathers. He runs, jumps, soars and saves. Okay not really soars, but he is one of the best men you will ever meet in your days, and has, I believe, the greatest wife along his side every step of the way. You are a lucky guy son, come and join the club...

Happy Father's Day Dad, your family loves you today

Ben Iman (Grandpa Ben)

Happy Father's Day Dad!
Thanks for...

... teaching me how to aim that gun.

...for talking with me on the porch.

...for the wonderful family vacations to the mountains, to the beaches, to the historical places, and most recently to the depths of the ocean scuba diving in paradise. I love our family vacations!

...thanks for giving me to Michael that day, almost 4 years ago...I was hesitant that you were going to follow through b/c I remember you saying "sure you want to go ahead with this..." as we walked down the isle ! I know this was hard for you, but I'm pretty sure you would agree that that there wouldn't be anyone else you would rather have given me to than Michael.

And lastly, thanks for being such a rad husband to mom. Your deep love for her has truly blessed me. You care for her, laugh with her, and spoil her quite well. Well done dad!

You have taught me more than you know. I always think of you as I try to remember someone's name, because there is not a name you forget. Thank you for being such a wise and caring father. I love you dad! - Kristyn Lee

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a small space

Hey there kiddo. Your room is quite small, but that will not limit it from being very cool, okay? I'm starting to generate ideas for how this can be a very good space for you. I may even have your dad convinced that we should do some demo this weekend. We have a small house and a lovely roommate, so my wheels are turning as to how we can be very efficient with the space we have been given. And I love a good design challenge. If you have any info you want to send my way, tell your caretaker to shoot me an fav color...African animals that you like...etc.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. Mailman

Dear Mister Mailman,

You see, we are looking for a piece of mail. I don't want to sound proud, but this could probably be the most important package in your history of mail carrying. If you see a white envelope to the Joneses, you know, us Joneses on Liberty Street, yes,'s that envelope that will allow us to bring our adopted son home from Africa. It is the piece of paper in that white envelope that will bring him through the security gates to the US of A with us. Now that you know the importance, would you mind getting it here a few days, hours, or even minutes earlier than you normally would. And sometimes our mail ends up at the other Joneses house. Yes, the Joneses that live in the little orange house that we resided in a couple of years ago. Will you please make sure that this white envelope doe not end up in their mailbox?

Son, this paper that I speak of is the last thing that we need to wrap up our dossier. It is the I-171 from the US Immigration Services. It will say something like, "Approved, you are approved, you may bring that little fellow back home with you. He is a US Citizen now." Will you have dual citizenship? I'll find out for you. We will get this paper and turn it in with our entire dossier (6 months of gathered documents) to our adoption agency for their final review. Then we send it off to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. And anywhere from August to next May we wait for the real deal email. The one that introduces you to us. That is the day we are really waiting for.

Peace out boy scout, and good night.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 Special People

Jonathan and Tonya Guelich, your God parents.

These are very dear friends to your dad and I. They are pumped to get to know you. Each time we are with these two we laugh and enjoy good times, usually while your dad and Jonathan sit with the guitar and make music, music with hilariously awesome lyrics. We also talk about life and the goodness of the Lord. They live in Austin, Texas now, but we still have hopes of convincing them of being our next door neighbors. I'll tell you more about these two later (because the computer is about to lose power), but it will be so good when you three unite as I know you will have a special bond.

Monday, June 8, 2009

She can't wait...

This is your mother, the most beautiful woman in the world. She loves you today, and will continue as long as she is able...

sleep well son.

Get Ready...

This is your Grandpa Jones and Ethan, one of your many cousins.
They look calm enough, but believe me, they are ready to play...

buckle up...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Immigration + Family Photo Pages

Dear Son,

Hello, how are you today? Did you get a pair of Tom's Shoes in the mail yet? I hope that when we find out who you are that we can send you mail. I thought that I would make you a blanket out of a couple your dad and my t-shirts. Something really soft and snuggly, you know? Your dad, Taryn and I went to the Immigration Office this morning to get a form that will allow us to bring you back into the U.S. with us as a citizen.
That meeting felt official and I got super excited. We also put some family photo pages together as part of our dossier. Below are some of those pics. I wonder if they show you these...if they do I really wish I would have put a goofy one in of your dad. I have several of those. Well anyway, we are praying for you and your friends. I'm praying that you are a peaceful little man of God. I'm praying that you will get picked up if you are crying, and if you are old enough to play in a group that you are sharing toys with your friends. May you be blessed when you wake up in the morning. Blessed with the Joy of the Lord coming through the orphanage window as beam of sunlight. You are loved, little one.

At Emily Hawn's (Baize's) wedding last weekend
Party at our House

Michael canoeing at the JW Pilgrimage with Ella and Mara

Monday, June 1, 2009

back yard

looks like a great back yard for kids to play, huh?
(i've had design fever lately. since the fence in our back yard will probably fall over in the next windy storm, i've been daydreaming as to how we can remove the fence and poison ivy, and get some fun play places in our back yard. although it may never be as lovely as this photo, we are rounding up used materials, along with some weekends at home to give it a little TLC.)

hopefully we will head to the USCIS (Immigration Office) this week to get a very important document that would allow us to bring our son home. this document is a part of the dossier.

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