Sunday, June 28, 2009

ethiopian connections

Hello dear. How are you? I hope you are well. This week has been full of Ethiopian connections for me. A friend of mine, named Ali, was in a store looking at jewelry. She asked about a particular bracelet and the nice man said it was made in Ethiopia. She said she had to get it for me, and so she did! How thoughtful! Now I'm wearing a beautiful golden heart shaped bracelet and thinking of you...thanks Ali! I was at the park this week with friends and a lovely gal named Bethany caught wind that we were adopting from Ethiopia. She was just there a month ago. I got to see all of her photos from her trip and talk about your culture with her. It was great! And last Sunday I met Salem and Tsega. Did I already tell you about them? They are darling Ethiopian gals that go to our church, adopted just a year ago. Another friend at church named Charity told me of another couple in our church adopting from Ethiopia, so I will have to get in touch with them. And lastly as I sat down with my prayer partner in the prayer chapel at the end of church today and she was talking about the Blue Nile, the local Ethiopian restaurant. I also got to think of you as the 20 (or so) thoughtful people asked me how the adoption process was going. So, don't worry you are on my mind, k?

P.S. No Immigration paper yet. They said it should come in 2-4 weeks, and tomorrow starts the 4th week. Run faster mailman, faster!

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  1. hey kristyn!! so glad i got to meet you. i LOVE your blog, it's adorable. but not half as adorable as your little boy will be :)


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