Wednesday, October 29, 2008


michael and i living the dream on our 3rd anniversary in branson mo. what more could i have asked for...the man of my dreams + the blue hair capitol of the world. it was a great time. seriously though, we fit a romantic get-away in with a friends wedding and some good ol kanakuk friend time in the braner's hot tub. what a weekend!


taryn and i sporting Grandma Ileen designed and fabricated aprons. one of a kind! we are working on becoming home makers. after this photo taryn zested that lime and blew rachael ray's zesting techniques out of the water.

itchy backpackers

michael and owen explored arkansas, poison ivy and all.

congratulations emily + tanner

roadtrip to nashville to wish chappy away to the love of her life...michael and i danced the night away

pumpkins 08

pumpkin carving contest 08, michael won, i got second...but the funny thing is that we randomly chose an anonymous neighbor to judge.

my runner

michael raced with north face in wisconsin, half marathon trail run
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