Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Fun

the boys- you are going to have too much fun with these four
logan, landon, mason and ethan...your cousins
your Aunt Katie, Nana, New Cousin Chloe, and Great Grammie
dunivent family reunion

Son, we have been enjoying our family lately. They all ask about you often, and oh how we wish we had more to tell. We will know you in perfect time I am sure. I wanted to share these family photos with you so you can know everyone in advance.

Our home study was put in the mail today from VA. We should get it in the next day or two. Hip hip horray. We will then take it to the local immigration office for their review. Tonight we are taking some more family photos with Auntie Taryn in them for our family photo pages that go in the dossier. I cannot believe that this is one of the last things I'm doing...the photo pages. It is definitely the most fun part of the paper chase! I wish I knew more of what this process looks how they match you to us. The great part is that we are trusting in the good Lord, he knew you would be our son before you were even born. But still, it is interesting to think that they review our photos, our life stories, and then match us with you. That would be a very fun job, I match lovable orphans with their forever families. Well, no matter what their process is, I'm sure they will do a good job.

While I'm at it, I want to say a special prayer for those people reviewing our dossier. And for the leaders in Ethiopia. May they be good, honest people. May the Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs be blessed by the Lord. May they work quickly to match parents with their children. And may they bring us to you, our awesome son in good time.

We are hosting dinner for our friend tonight, so I should get home and set the table.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What then will You be?

I was reading the other day in Ch. 1 of the Gospel According to Luke and I ran across this verse which related to the baby John the Baptist:
"...What then will this child be? For the hand of the Lord was with him" - verse 66

I often think the same son. You have been given to us as a gift, and a blessing. It is clear for us to see that the Lord wishes this for us. From Mrs. Connie, to the Spirit confirming this daily, we continually hope in Jesus to bring you home.
Yes, in some time you are coming and as the Lord blesses you in Ethiopia, we will wait.

John the Baptist baptized will Jesus use you to further His kingdom?
We shall see...

Play hard, sleep well
We are coming son

Monday, May 18, 2009


Dear Son,

My last post was quite optimistic, but now your dad and I are ready. Ready to be waiting and not notarizing papers, and ready to meet you. I'm ready to start making you a "lifebook" ( which I signed up for for free online through I'm ready to try sewing some stuffed animals for you and preparing your room. Your dad is ready to speak French with you, like all of the time, and he wants to take you on bike rides. I tell him that you will most likely not be up for the 40 milers through the city, but he stays optimistic. We are also ready to cozy up with you on the couch and watch Disney Classics, or whatever great kid shows we are about to know all too well. Yes, we will snuggle up with you in our sweats and slippers!
We hope you have a good day with your friends. -M & D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paper Pregnancy

So they call the adoption process a paper pregnancy. We must pull together many necessary documents, get them notarized, state certified, and sent to The Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours. Would you believe that the photo above is our paperwork? Your right, it's not. The stack is not that huge, yet. Believe it or not, this process has been quite enjoyable. I've never felt overwhelmed, but I tried to take it bit by bit. We have really great, encouraging people through America World that are helping us out. I get to ask Nicole, Janiece, or Nikki all of my questions. We are near the end of this chase, this race to bring you to our doorstep. Your dad would say it's a super marathon. And he loves running, so it works out well. You know what has made this process so good? We have seen the Lord's provision a ton. He is good. Amen?

I want to say a special prayer tonight for several people.
Your caretakers.
Miss Connie.
Your new cousin Chloe.
My cousin Brett who gets married this weekend.
Your dad.
And of course, you.

By the way, did you know how much we already love you? We love you just as much as if you were in my tummy right now.

Good night little man. Dream well.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Son, this is your Nana in the blue dress when she was a little girl with her mama.

Son, this is your Grandma Debby with me on my wedding day.

(We love you two. Thanks for raising us and giving us love, nourishment, and care. We are so thankful for you, our mothers. We cannot wait to share our son with you because you are going to be awesome grandmas. Have a blessed day.)

Friday, May 8, 2009

kid book & little green pjs

hello son. how are you? we are in franklin, tn at a wedding with our friends. we just bought you a book that we look forward to reading to you. It's called "Big Rabbit's Bad Mood" by Ramona Badescu. I just read it to your dad and he liked it, so I bet you will too.

Here are some little green pjs that I think you would be super cozy in.


I knew that there were "malnourished" children in Ethiopia, and our agency even said that there is a chance that you could be malnourished. But I hadn't thought much of it until I recently read about this fundraiser to get formula to Ethiopian babies. Clink the link on the side and read the story. I also read all of the comments. It was quite interesting to hear of all of the families through AWAA (our adoption agency) that are ready to bring one of these little jewels to nourishment under their care. I think about your little tummy and I just hope that it is satisfied. I feel selfish and cannot grasp that I could be sitting here full, while you lie hungry. Not fair. I am so sorry if this is the case son. May the Lord be with you, and all of kiddos there with you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

red monkeys and flying chickens

Wow, son we really wish you could have joined our lovely weekend in Kansas City. Your dad and I were just discussing how blessed we felt the past couple of days with friends, family, and fun activities. This afternoon we got to help our friend, Tara Dawley with her booth at the Art Fair. She is such a great lady. Guess what? She is very excited to meet you and even gave you your very own cup and saucer, with flying chickens on it. Did you know that I had a Great Grandma Chicken? Grandpa Orville's mama was Grandma Chicken to us grandkids, because she had a chicken coop in her back yard. So it is quite fitting for your very first cup to be carved with flying chickens. Thank you Miss Tara.

You also got a very special gift from Grandma Ileen this weekend. She made you a red monkey. See?
Doesn't he look nice? His name is Red. Red wants me to tell you that he really likes to read. He wondered if he could read to you on the first night you arrive at home. I told him you may be too tired, but he stays hopeful.

Red's idea to stay hopeful is a very good practice. Your dad and I try to stay hopeful too. Our hope is in the Lord. We are trusting in Him as he brings you to us. Maybe this will happen SOON. We just learned that three families got their dossier of toddler boys in less than 3 months of finishing their paperwork. That is what I call soon! The best part of hoping in the Lord is that He is faithful and good. He provides for our needs, and we pray that he is providing for your needs tonight as well.

I mentioned two people that I must tell you more about. They are Grandpa Orville and Grandma Ileen. I have spent lots of time with them and their lives have blessed me richly. I just talked to Grandma tonight and she is busy making a huge doll house and race tracks for our family get-together Memorial Weekend. We will all camp out in her back yard. Grandma Ileen is so much fun. She has the best stories, and has lots of creativity to share with each of her grandchildren. We will have great weekends at grandma and grandpas where our imaginations will almost reach the stars. You just wait son. Just wait.
I think Grandpa is spit shining his convertible to take us on a cruise around town. No one can get a car as shiny as Grandpa Orville. You are going to enjoy grandpa so much! He has a deep joy in his heart. He loves God and loves people.

Grandpa Orville and Grandma Ileen. Our wedding. Aug 2005.

Good night, sleep tight little African dude. We love you.

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