Monday, March 28, 2011

Hensley: One Month

Scout Photo . Nick Welch

Hensley Ruth,

You are one month old and you are changing so much! We started using cloth diapers yesterday and as your dad said, the diaper looks like a large marsh mellow on a being the toothpick! You slept in your own bed in your room last night rather than the bassinet in our room. You are taking good naps in your bed and giving mommy a little more free time. We are learning more about you and love you so much. You have grown out of some of your newborn clothes and make the best little coos. I love your little toes.



**I love having talented friends with photography businesses. Nick Welch (with his lovely wife, Katie) recently did a photo shoot for us and we love the way he captured our family. Nick is a part of Scout Photo in Kansas City and we highly recommend them to you! (More photos to come!)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Motherhood: I Can!

SuperMom Action Figure

Well, I just had to chime in and say how accomplished I felt this morning! Go me go! I wish I had a t-shirt that said, "I'm a mom and I can do this!" It's my first full day without a helper and I got the kids dressed and out the door to visit my workplace (or old workplace, but I'll claim it forever.) Tegegne and I showered, had breakfast, the dog pee-d, I fed Hensley at 7:30 and 10:30ish, changed a few of her diapers and we were off. AND, I made my "Mother's Milk Tea." And actually drank half of it. It was great to visit my coworkers/friends. I miss those folks who I used to spend more than half of my day with.

Last night we had a great walk around the Kansas City Museum with neighborhood friends. Tonight we are having dinner with friends, and they are bringing the meal to us. What a deal, huh?

Tegegne, I'd say you've had a super week playing with Gramma Debby, Cade, Adry, Stella, Hudson, Soren, and Sfea + the other awesome kids at school. You do not lack a social life, that's for sure. On top of that you got this amazing package from Aunt Jan & Wally that included a hilarious t-shirt that says "Lock Up Your Daughters" and a sherif cowboy costume.

Hensley, I think you had a good week too. You are sweet little lady.

Michael, thanks for my date Tuesday night at JJ's. It was so great to get away with you. We look forward to the best part of our day...when you walk in the door!


Happy Birthday: Taryn Summers

Just had to give a shout out to our roomie upstairs, Taryn. It's your birthday, yep. You have lived with us for like 4 years now and it's pretty awesome. We love you so much and are pumped that you are marrying Micah in September! 

Happy Birthday to You!

Kristyn, Michael, Tegegne, & Hensley

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post Labor: A Word From Your Mother

Well kids, it's been three + weeks since my mind, body, and soul went through a whole lot and I am feeling a bit more like myself these days. It feels good. I think I'm thinking more clearly, yes?...Michael? The flood of hormones just after labor is crazy. I must admit I'm quite glad with the timing of Hensley's birth. There is no way those "baby blues" can stick around with such sunny skies and fresh air, a happy husband who is riding his bike a lot, and much time in the great outdoors. 

We have a routine going with you, Miss Hensley. You are eating well, in about 3 hour spans. Sleeping at night is not great yet, but hey we understand you are still a little teeny baby and soon enough you will be sleeping much longer, right? It seems as though you've had some tummy aches. And often times you are flustered when trying to poop. This became clear after our visit to the pediatrician. She said that babies are born with the instinct to pee, but the pooping instinct doesn't come until 4-6 weeks. So now you get flustered because you clench your buns instead of relaxing them. I'm trying to talk you through this while giving you a little butt massage and belly rub. We also get your legs going in a bicycle motion to get things moving. Most of the time, once you relax and stop trying it comes. The other night I was changing your diaper in bed at an early am hour and you had a big #2 that went well beyond the changing pad, all over my feet and our bed. Your dad has had his share as well. And can I just say how great he is. Some nights he is with you more than me, consoling you, changing you, and letting me rest.

Besides being over the short-lived baby blues, my body is recovering and I have most of my energy back.

Can I just say one thing that has helped all of this tremendously? It would be all of the meals we have gotten and are getting from family and friends. If you give birth, adopt a child, go through surgery, etc. I would highly recommend having a friend set up MealBaby. Getting meals is the best way to get through a transition like this!

P.S. We are going to be graced by Gramma Debby's presence again this week and we are so excited! Your dad and I will probably try to hit up a date night and I'm totally scheduling that mani-pedi groupon I bought months ago!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Motherhood: Multi Tasking

Oh Mother Octopus, you must feel lucky to have so many hands, yes? This morning I was in the process of pouring cereal and milk for my toddler, letting the dog out for his morning pee, making my toast and jam, while my new little birdy was rooting towards the air looking for her breakfast. My hot tea would have to wait, and I scarfed down my toast with a drink of water. You may wonder, why the rush? It's because that little birdy has some good lungs and she quickly lets us know she is top priority and must eat asap.

God, I know you gave me only two hands, so they must be sufficient. I guess our household will begin to practice the art of waiting. Especially so that this mama can make her morning tea to enjoy with her toast, before settling in for the morning feeding!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break: Henry Doorly Zoo

Spring break was super fun! We took our first family vacation as four which entailed an overnight in Omaha, Nebraska (only 3 hrs from KC) and a visit to the grand Henry Doorly Zoo.

We also enjoyed the Old Market District where we had some long awaited sushi at Blue, icecream at the local Ted & Wally's and breakfast the next morning at Wheatfields. The Old Market District is quite exciting, especially on St. Patty's Day and when Lady Gaga is in town playing at the Qwest Center!

Michael thought I did a good job planning the trip. He did not enjoy when I "killed" the car on the way there. (I was breastfeeding Hensley while the boys were in a restaurant and had the AC on. They came back and Michael tried to start the car. The little Fit was dead. And we were half way to the zoo in Smalltown, USA. Luckily 10 minutes later it started up without a jump and we were on our way!) Then I ran out of diapers early one morning. I mean, I just grabbed a handful and was sure it was enough...nope. Could have packed a separate suitcase for all those little things.

Want to get out of KC for a short getaway? Check out Omaha. The zoo is not just for kids, you know!

P.S. Huge highlight at the zoo was in the monkey house. Do you see Tegegne standing at the glass in the photo above. Okay, and do you see the baby monkey on the other side of the glass? The whole crowd was amazed because as Tegegne was knocking on the glass the baby came right up to the glass and started imitating him. It was awesome.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Grand

It's grand to be a grandparent around here! Hensley, we all enjoy holding you and watching your funny faces. You will smirk, smile, look quite peaceful, and then let out a whale in a matter of minutes. You have gained over a pound and have grown over an inch in two weeks. Your cheeks will continue to get chubby, I am sure. We took a long list of concerns/questions to your two week check up yesterday and your doctor smiled at each one and said, "Normal." "That's normal, too." All in all she says we are doing things right, and you are great. We are working hard to keep you awake during the daytime, so you will realize that nighttime is a really nice time to sleep.

P.S. Grandpa Ben and Uncle Eric have an auction here, in Kansas City this weekend! Can't wait to take you to your first auction! If you are in the area, come check it out!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Family: All Four of Us

We are adjusting to life as a family of four. Gramma Debby was here all week, and we will miss having her. Next week Ababayeh spring break so I couldn't have been any luckier with all of this help.

Hensley is eating and sleeping better this week than last and we are sort of getting a hang of this schedule. Sort of. : ) She is precious and we are enjoying her tiny little self very much. As you can imagine, Tegegne loves helping change her diaper and when she cries he says, "Don't worry Hensley, I'm here." 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Birth Story: by Doula Catherine

A Birth Story: Kristyn, Michael, and Hensley Jones

by Catherine Martin, labor doula,

Kristyn worked this birth journey as a champion and a Warrior Woman! From the moment I arrived at 3:30 am on Sunday, February 27th at their home, and saw her on all 4's rocking and swaying with the first surges of labor- I knew she would be just fine! She could do this~she would do it!

Kristyn rested briefly a couple of times when encouraged to do so, but for the next 24 hours, until her baby was in her amrs, I can honestly say she never gave up- she was focused & determined and continued to step up to the plate ready to do whatever was needed to be done next. Throughout this amazing birth journey- we were all transported to magical forests filled with tropical plants, green moss, stones & streams; to the treetops themselves and Kristyn's tree house sanctuary; to a beautiful Hawaiian lagoon with a waterfall; to a sandy beach watching the sunset and collecting seashells; and deep into the ocean herself to swim among the coral & fishes and sing with the whales. 

I am so honored to have been able to witness the strength & power of this amazing woman, as well as the beautiful power of the love shared between Michael  & Kristyn. Michael was not only present to Kristyn the entire time, but he truly stayed with her wherever she was and was able to help take her wherever she needed to be. A true birth partner, anyone in the room would've thought she had two trained professional doulas. How blessed am I to be a part of this amazing team! Michael was always ready with a word of encouragement, visualization, a supportive movement, a touch- exactly what was needed in each moment. Kristyn continually dropped into her body, vocalizing, breathing, visualizing, relaxing, dancing, chanting, listening & responding beautifully- this was truly a Magical, Active Birth!

Some of my favorite images of this birth journey- 

Kristyn asking Michael to turn on the rap music- and proceeding to rock it out, grooving with a primal urge to modern music, completely free & uninhibited- awesome!

The three of us standing and swaying together in the middle of the birth room, embracing each other as the news of needing to use pitocin to encourage more powerful rushes sinks in- Who was holding who? I becamse so aware in that moment that althought Michael & I were there to support Kristyn, it was her incredible spirit that drew us in and sustained us all.

Kristyn lying on her side at 5am on Monday, February 28th, skin to skin with her baby girl Hensley looking up at her mother with big, bright, loving eyes that seemed to say, "We did it, Mama- we did it!"

(These were a few of the images we had posted around the birthing room. Michael and I will eventually share our story as well. For now I must say that we will be forever grateful for inviting Catherine to share this journey with us. I highly recommend her as a labor doula. We did not know her before this pregnancy, and she will be a close friend of ours for years to come.)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Kids

Hensley Ruth,

Hello there little bundle of joy! There is much to say about the adventure we've had in bringing you into our lives. Must do that soon, but for the sake of sleep I'll just share these photos:

(Photos courtesy of Our365)

Tegegne Dena,

I'm so glad you are having a blast with Grampa Ben and Gramma Debby. We miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow.

We love you two munchkins!

-Mom and Dad

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going home today

Today is our last day in the hospital.  Hensley has had a few troubles feeding, but she has done well the last few feedings.  She gets pretty flustered, b/c she wants more more and more.  We are still waiting on Kris' milk to come in, which should be today. 

Tegegne is playing at Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Ben's house.  We just called him, and apparently he got a haircut and was eating a sucker.  Hope it isn't one of those mo-hawks...
Grandparents are the best b.t.w., man...

We're tired.
We're happy.
We're ready to go home.

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