Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post Labor: A Word From Your Mother

Well kids, it's been three + weeks since my mind, body, and soul went through a whole lot and I am feeling a bit more like myself these days. It feels good. I think I'm thinking more clearly, yes?...Michael? The flood of hormones just after labor is crazy. I must admit I'm quite glad with the timing of Hensley's birth. There is no way those "baby blues" can stick around with such sunny skies and fresh air, a happy husband who is riding his bike a lot, and much time in the great outdoors. 

We have a routine going with you, Miss Hensley. You are eating well, in about 3 hour spans. Sleeping at night is not great yet, but hey we understand you are still a little teeny baby and soon enough you will be sleeping much longer, right? It seems as though you've had some tummy aches. And often times you are flustered when trying to poop. This became clear after our visit to the pediatrician. She said that babies are born with the instinct to pee, but the pooping instinct doesn't come until 4-6 weeks. So now you get flustered because you clench your buns instead of relaxing them. I'm trying to talk you through this while giving you a little butt massage and belly rub. We also get your legs going in a bicycle motion to get things moving. Most of the time, once you relax and stop trying it comes. The other night I was changing your diaper in bed at an early am hour and you had a big #2 that went well beyond the changing pad, all over my feet and our bed. Your dad has had his share as well. And can I just say how great he is. Some nights he is with you more than me, consoling you, changing you, and letting me rest.

Besides being over the short-lived baby blues, my body is recovering and I have most of my energy back.

Can I just say one thing that has helped all of this tremendously? It would be all of the meals we have gotten and are getting from family and friends. If you give birth, adopt a child, go through surgery, etc. I would highly recommend having a friend set up MealBaby. Getting meals is the best way to get through a transition like this!

P.S. We are going to be graced by Gramma Debby's presence again this week and we are so excited! Your dad and I will probably try to hit up a date night and I'm totally scheduling that mani-pedi groupon I bought months ago!

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