Friday, February 24, 2012

DRC Adoption: Unexpected Turn

(I wrote this Feb 15, but didn't post it...)
It's a rainy afternoon here in Kansas City. The children and I just had a snack, and I chime in to share some very unexpected news we received last night. I guess there's no beating around the bush, so I'll just say it. I'm pregnant. As you can imagine, this news came as a complete surprise. What? Pregnant? Aren't we supposed to be adopting? God, you know about this right? There were so many signs leading to that. And we so were not trying to get pregnant. 

So, I'm guessing you are just as surprised as we were. It's confusing. After some thought and wise words from friends I've already learned the following:

God still cares for orphans. He is still feeding them, and giving them forever families.  Prayerfully our family will still be home to one of those precious children. I mean, have you read her story? (Kisses from Katie)

We are also God's children and He cares deeply for us.

Our step of faith was not in vein just because it's not working out as we thought. We still took the step. 

Even though our journey to this child will not be full of crazy adventure like adoption is, it is new life and God sees it as good. 

I get to be pregnant and have an itty bitty baby at the same time as my best friend. 

God is faithful. 
His ways are not our ways. 
We still hope.
We still crave justice.
We still love children, and care deeply for orphans. 

And I'm writing the following today...February 24...

Two posts in one. Because at the moment we found out we were gonna have a bebe via me,  we gave it some time to sink in before "sharing the news." So here we are. Went to the doc today for an ultrasound to see how big this baby is...and it's an inch. Teeeeny tiny. Got a heart beat though.  I'm 8 weeks and 2 days into the blessed hard work of "growing a baby" and we are all good.  The babe has a head and some "limb buds." Looks pretty promising in the picture.  

Here is a prayer for you - child of my womb,

Our plans did not include you, but God knows something we don't. You see, we had formed a place in our hearts for 2 children from Africa. We had started the process to bring them home, but you are coming instead. And we have peace. We know that you are a gift, and feel very blessed that you are coming. 

So here's the low down. You have a dad. He stands at 6'1", is a school teacher, and likes to ride his bike. I'm your mother. I'm view life from 5'1", unless I'm in heals, but when does that ever happen?! You have a kick-butt brother, who is 4 and a half, and loves to do whatever "your dad" is doing. And then there's your big sister, 'bout to be 1. She's a cutie patootie, and she will show you the ropes because she has just done all that you're about to do. Don't know why I told you our heights, and the kids ages...probably because I often forget the kids heights and how old we are. Okay, I remember...your dad and I share a birthday, and we will be 29 very soon. 

Love ya,



  1. Wonderful news Kristyn!! Congratulations! God is building a beautiful family!

    1. im crying as i read this sweet kristyn, although honestly someone you know very well had already shared this huge news with me. we are so excited for your family. i know it's hard to be so emotionally connected with your "other" plans, and then just stop them and change direction. but like you do know, we-never quite know what tomorrow will bring and just leave it to god. things always work for the good. be happy, be well, and know how much this baby is already loved by me and so many others! it's good to read this from you . thank you beautiful girl. see you all soon. love auntie donna

  2. Oh Kristyn! What a blessing!! Praying for that little one to grow and thrive. And praying for you! Wow. The Lord is so good!!

  3. Congratulations again mommy!!! Man makes plans but God prevails! You'll be a family of 7 too in no time!!! ;)
    Love ya!!!!

  4. Wow! What a crazy, but exciting turn of events! Congratulations. How interesting it will be to watch this little one's life play out, and how the Lord will use his or her life for His glory. :)

  5. Wow. Never a dull moment with you Joneses. How exciting. We will love whatever little one the Lord brings to your life.

  6. Wow, Kristyn! Always exciting times for the Jones Family- I am happy for you all. Congratulations. Twists and turns. Oh how the Lord keeps us in a state of dependency. Praying for you FIVE! :)

  7. I have been busy and just read this post...AMAZING news, I am so psyched for you! What a beautiful family you guys are building. All the very best. Stevey


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