Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adoption: Answered Prayers!

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Yesterday I woke up with a weird feeling about the agency we had chosen, called them to ask about some fees, and still did not feel right. Then a friend writes me sharing the same concern. It was perfect timing. She reminded me of an agency that her friends just brought twins home through. A great agency with lower fees, and good character. So, we are looking into that agency this morning and making the switch!!!

And then, I get another message from a friend saying she has written a director at Show Hope on our behalf, and says I can contact her to discuss DRC agencies. 

And two days ago a friend who started Sseko Sandals offered to partner with us for a portion of our funds!

And then, right before bed we were blessed beyond measure... 9:32 pm, Michael and I opened a huge blessing from dear friends. Tegegne's piggy bank of $19.27 was multiplied 100 times!!! We immediately praised God for this generosity. Humbling and overwhelmed we have all approached this day with pure joy. Got a text from Michael this morning saying, "It's going to be a good day!" Then at breakfast, Tegegne blurts out, "It's going to be a good day, today!" So here we have it folks. February 3, 2012 is a good day. We have seen God's provision, and are hearing His encouragement through friends right and left. 

(And this morning I told Tegegne that his piggy bank amount was multiplied  100x and he says..."Did it come from their piggy bank? What does their bank look like, mom?......We've got to tell them Thank You!)

May you also know the goodness of God on this day.




  1. PRAISE THE LORD! You and Michael are both so faithful and such great examples to me! Thank you for being so faithful!

  2. I've been reading some of your older posts and it almost brought me to tears, I just thought why do I have such little faith? Sometimes I wish it would mutliply sooo many times :) and it's such a blessing just to read what the Lord is doing in your life. I'm sooo glad that your adoption process is going so well. The Lord will bless it I'm sure. He is so good and faithful. Thanks for sharing your faith


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