Sunday, February 5, 2012

Books: For Kids

Some of Tegegne's and Mommy's Recent Reads:

How I Learned Geography. by Uri Shulevitz. Seriously good book for all. You've got to read it. 

George and Martha. Great stories of two friends. Love it!

How to Hug. "Used for preschoolers to learn the personal space of others." Ha! Tegegne, you're good at the lingering-hug-until-you-and-your-hugging-friend-fall-over, so this book was quite a necessary read!

Barack Obama Son of Promise, Child of Hope. A good book about your president's childhood, and vision of hope. Tegegne, you liked when he talks about getting an education because we often remind you that Birthmom wants you to get a good education. 

Another on our list:
The Lion and The Mouse. By Jerry Pinkney.

I Can Read! is a great resource for finding age appropriate books and tips for getting our kids to read. I need to look for more from this list!

We'd recommend becoming familiar with your cities library, where books are endless and free! Or, if you're into buying books, local bookstores are good too. Our favorite is Reading Reptile in Brookside!

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