Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DRC Adoption: Praise and Progress

I chime in again today humbled by God's provision. We received $1000 yesterday from some very dear people. And we say, thank you! Thank you for your generosity! Thank you God for guiding our steps. 

And last week we got $1200 from something that had to do with homeowners insurance that we overpaid a year ago. Michael knew about it, but I did not know that money was coming!

And there were 10 extra dollars when I took Tegegne's piggy bank money to the bank! Every little bit counts! 

In case you are curious, here is an estimate of what our adoption will cost with a breakdown of what the money goes toward.

Agency Fee #1 - $2250
Dossier Prep Fee - $500
Foreign Fee #1 - $5000 ($2500 non-refundable, $2500 refundable prior to child referral.)
Humanitarian support & aid - $1000

Total Due w Contract: $8750

Fees below due w acceptance of child referral or dossier submission, whichever is first.

Agency Fee #2 - $2250
Foreign Fee #2 - $5000
Infant Care (0-12 mo) - $250/month

Due with Referral/Dossier: $7250

Costs to Others at time of Referral/ Dossier

State Dept Authentication Fee - $36 for 2 children
Embassy of the DR Congo - $1000 for 2 children
Courier - $70
Child Transportation from region to Kinshasa and administrative coordination - $1500

Our home study is cheaper this go around since we're using the same social worker! (Under $1000)

So, this is not all of the costs but a good chunk of it. Other costs will include our travel, and other possible costs for a second child. If you are not familiar with international adoption, this is overwhelming I'm sure. It is a lot of money. It is a major process, that needs to be done professionally. The costs are for the process and not the child.  

There are other things that are on my mind regarding our adoption that I'll have to share soon. My computer is "dying" as our house was struck by lightening and all power cords were fried!  Michael is bringing his cord home tonight!



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