Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adoption & Life: Updates

So, a dear dear friend sent us $410 for our growing family fund! What a blessing. May you be blessed, sweet buddy. I would really love to see you soon.

We have our first home study meeting this Wednesday!

Just signed Tegegne up for soccer this spring, on a team with a good friend! Let the games begin. This should be hilarious and cute!

Can't wait to catch up with Taryn and Micah tomorrow, as they had a fun filled weekend in NYC!

Planning a sweet + small first birthday party for our baby girl. Can't wait to celebrate her first year of life in a few weeks! 

We had some friends for dinner tonight and our house was so clean and so cozy. Going to bed with full bellies (after veggie chili and beef+bacon chili...sourdough and vanilla and content hearts. It was a good weekend. Thanks be to God.

Good night, sleep tight. 


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