Monday, March 28, 2011

Hensley: One Month

Scout Photo . Nick Welch

Hensley Ruth,

You are one month old and you are changing so much! We started using cloth diapers yesterday and as your dad said, the diaper looks like a large marsh mellow on a being the toothpick! You slept in your own bed in your room last night rather than the bassinet in our room. You are taking good naps in your bed and giving mommy a little more free time. We are learning more about you and love you so much. You have grown out of some of your newborn clothes and make the best little coos. I love your little toes.



**I love having talented friends with photography businesses. Nick Welch (with his lovely wife, Katie) recently did a photo shoot for us and we love the way he captured our family. Nick is a part of Scout Photo in Kansas City and we highly recommend them to you! (More photos to come!)

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