Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a small space

Hey there kiddo. Your room is quite small, but that will not limit it from being very cool, okay? I'm starting to generate ideas for how this can be a very good space for you. I may even have your dad convinced that we should do some demo this weekend. We have a small house and a lovely roommate, so my wheels are turning as to how we can be very efficient with the space we have been given. And I love a good design challenge. If you have any info you want to send my way, tell your caretaker to shoot me an fav color...African animals that you like...etc.


  1. Hi, I'm reading your blog as well, and your pictures are not bad either! Did you see I made a post recently about Will Ferrell and "Stranger than fiction"? I think I saw this dvd at your home.
    See you, we really need to have a big skype session - it's been a long time...

    See you

  2. Is that a Flensted mobile? I love those!

    Coincidentally enough, my husband and I are also Jacob's Well folks and just beginning our Ethiopia adoption process (sent in the application to our agency of choice this week). I randomly found your blog via what I call Adoption Blog Surfing and then went, "Oh! Hey! No wonder these people look vaguely familiar!"

    Happy Adopting!


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