Saturday, May 11, 2013

Conversations: Three Cakes and a Bugar


You keep life interesting. We love, love ya. Here are some of our conversations this evening. 

Hensley: "I got a bugar, Mommy." Holding your finger out with a lovely surprise attached to the tip.
(Yep, that's my job. Bugar collector.)

Tegegne: "I got three cakes!"
M: "What? How did you get three pieces of birthday cake?"
T: "Remember when you were looking for me and I was playing with those kids at that other party?"
M: "Yes, I thought you were with Dad."
T: "Well, I ate cake with those people at that party. One lady knew me!"
M: "Seriously?! That's hilarious! It's not okay that you didn't know where we were."
T: "I could see you and Dad. I knew where you were."

And then there's Fields...who smiles and grunts, pulls my hair, and grabs the back of my neck so hard with those little chubby hands, digging his little nails in. "Ouch, baby!" says Mama. You turn eight months in a few days. You are becoming a little boy, always wanting to stand and being rough and tumble. You'll be keeping up with Hens and Tegegne in no time.

T: "Mommy, tomorrow is Mother's Day and we have 2 surprises for you." (You are no good at keeping surprises, Tegegne. And you cannot stand to have one kept from you!)
M: "Oh, I'm soooo excited."
T: "You may be getting that special drink you like in the mornings..."
M: "Don't tell me what it is, but will you make it for me?"

Good night kids. Thanks for making Mother's Day something sweet to look forward to. You are the reason I get to celebrate.



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