Thursday, May 9, 2013

Interior Designing: Day and Night!

Dear Family,

I interrupt this Thursday morning to say thank you. Thank you for being supportive of my of my interior design consulting, which has pulled me away in the evenings for meetings quite a bit this spring. I love love designing for people, but my first job is mother/wife/homemaker. I try not to leave for meetings until after dinner, so what I miss most is my time with Daddy. We've always tried to go to bed at the same time. It was the best marriage advice we've ever gotten. He is super supportive of my design projects though, and often shares ideas. 
This kitchen design are for a lovely neighbor of ours here in Pendleton Heights. It is especially fun because we share similar taste with our design aesthetic. I am renovating her kitchen and master bath, and speaking of which...writing her proposal to finish the work is next on my to-do list!

Then there's this super cool retail space that a few other folks in our neighborhood are working on getting approved. It's a similar concept to London's Box Park. Once they have further approval, I'll share the renderings. And speaking of which...that's next on my to-do list! Revise and render those drawings!

Last night I had a lot of fun with a girlfriend, Rachel Kabukala. She hired me to redecorate her office space, and I went ahead with the living room as well to tie the spaces together. Rachel is a professional photographer, with her office in her home. In 5 hours (didn't get home til 2am!) we transformed her space, with things she already owned! Talk about design on a dime. The only things she'll need to do are get some gold accents, pot her succulents, and a few other details. She took before and after shots I'll have to share too. 

Here are my other projects, as of late. Master planning for Jacob's Well sketches to do for our staff design mtg on the 15th. Interior design for my friend, Mimi's home in Brookside. Did a 3D drawing for Taryn and Micah's new kitchen and Eric and Erica's new kitchen! And two people to call to start their projects. It's busy, but good.  I could use a Nanny. Better yet, a Chef. If I could only have help with one thing, it'd be laundry service.

Much love to my family and my folks asking for my help designing their spaces.


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