Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our House: If Walls Could Talk

 Yes, a lovely second kitchen on the third floor for guests, super bowl parties, or if your like us, a space for your good friends...cause living in community is wonderful.
Hello there house. I hope you are not feeling too vulnerable being "on the market" and all. We are really praying for some nice folks to move in. Ideally someone with some kids or dogs to peek their little head through the square at the butlers stair landing. A place we've had many conversations with our kids. Oh, did I mention that we're going to miss you? Like seriously. When have thrown some great parties with you, beloved home. Our friends think we're crazy to give up the best place to have a party! You've been full of moms and babies eating cake and opening presents (ha, babies eating cake...more like moms eating cake), and even more full of ladies and loads of clothes (we've turned the dining room into a shopping boutique of each others clothes multiple times). People keep asking when the spring swap is. You made for a killer New Years party. And dinner after dinner with many a guest you've wined and dined. Well, Michael's desserts may have had something to do with that. 

Then there's daily living. A kitchen with the perfect place for everything. Even a dishwasher to the left of the sink for yours truly. Your huge 2nd level utility room with door to the deck. Glorious. Only way I have survived cloth diapers. The full apartment upstairs for my best friend and her family. Pretty great. FYI, future buyer, that space could be a killer master bedroom, or great room. I know a good designer. Wink, wink. But it's awesome as is too. 

If walls could talk. You were built with fine detail, like over 100 years ago. Back then your residents had butlers and were way formal. I'm guessing your walls were dark with decorative wall covering (which we have seen layers of). Many people probably would have come in and said to you, we want to restore you just the way you were. We came in and said it a little differently. We totally respect who you were, but this is a new day and age, and we thought you'd like to remember who you were but keep up with the times. And we wanted to enjoy you too. The good Lord knows I don't walk around in a corset with a Victorian dress on, so why should you have to be wearing dated wall covering? I'll wear skinny jeans, and you can feel hip in gallery white or exposed brick. You are a fine mix of  the old and new. 

Thanks for being such a wonderful home.

(If you haven't already, check out all photos here. And the listing here.)

With love,

The Joneses

P.S. Some folks lured Michael to letting them in on Sunday to view the home and the lady started dreaming...said she pictured the dining room ceiling being burgundy. I mean, smoothing the ceiling sounds great, but burgundy? Eek!


  1. The writing in this post is MAKING MY NIGHT!
    "the good Lord knows.." Ah! Loveyou just love you. :) -Amy

  2. If you want to carry a week’s worth of groceries we have to look at different avenues than just a front basket. Now we need a rack and saddle bags, also known as panniers.


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