Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend: Cousins Galore

Lydia, Rowan, Tegegne, Orien, Ava, Olivia, Maddy, and Hensley 
Chasing kids calls for a break! (Me, Grandma, Mom, Tarah, Christina)
Grandpa Ben is a good playmate.
Hens spots Daddy from afar, yells to him with delight, and does the run and jump into his arms!
Christina, Lydia, Aunt Donna, and Noah by the Lake
Tarah and Andrea
Hal and Grandpa Orville
Fieldsy's Quilt Time with Daddy
...and with Gramma Debby
Aunt Deanna and Christina

Erica, Cela, Andrea, and I
Boys will be boys 
Grandma telling jokes!

Zane is quite the athlete!
And so is his sister Gracie.  

Hensley and Orien are a month and a half apart and quite good buddies! 
Everyone loves Grandma Ileen. She had the kids do a scavenger hunt, and really knows how to create good fun!
The Dunivent Family Reunion 2013 was quite a success. Antioch Park, Shelter II was a great spot for our afternoon and evening gathering. 

Highlights included: 
Michael and Bob's 2 hours of pitch and catch. 
Delicious food.
Tegegne's long game of soccer. He was the youngest player, but stuck with it for hours.
Grandma Ileen's scavenger hunt for the kids.
The kids loved watching the goslings on the lake. 
Hensley's bubbles with the little ones, swinging with Grandpa Ben, and eating all afternoon.
I enjoyed chatting with the gals, and eating all day. (Like mother, like daughter.)
Everyone was glad when Uncle Eric arrived later in the day from St. Louis. 

That gathering was on Saturday. Then yesterday we enjoyed our Supper Club, and walked with them to the Celebration at Liberty Memorial. Picnic with our friends, topped off with a fireworks show. Fieldsy, you didn't even cry at the loud cannons. And you laid on me and watched the fireworks (you're such a good baby). Tegegne sat on Shanna's lap during the show, and wrestled with Tyler and Alan, played games with Nate, learned to grass whistle with Devon, and sat with Larison and Daddy. Hensley had her very own sleep over at the Condo with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Long weekends are the best.

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