Sunday, March 28, 2010

After Party

The boys.

The ladies.

You laugh so hard with Grandpa Ben. It's the best little giggle. He's so funny.

The Jones Clan.

Thank you friends, for standing with us as we dedicated our son to the Lord today, and for walking along side us as we learn the ropes of parenthood. You friendships are golden.


  1. Awesome pictures. You are blessed! Your little guy looks so great. Emenet loves looking at all his pictures. She usually lets out a little giggle and softly says Tegengne. We miss you all. Keep enjoying being parents. Be blessed, Kim

  2. Thanks for the weekend in KC and the late night in the kitchen.

  3. What support! You guys are blessed! Things look like they are going awesome there, maybe so good we should pop in sometime and visit when we are in KC!!! Keep the wonderful stories and pics coming! We love keeping up on you and little T!


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