Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unusually Dressed

Okay, you are not the one to blame for wearing this unusual article of clothing. I am. We were upstairs while I was getting ready and you were looking for something to do, so I thought I'd see how much growing you needed to do before you fit into your father's underwear. These photos are deceiving, because you actually wore this around for about an hour trying to keep it on your shoulders, and we laughed a lot. You were upset at me in both photos, (especially the second!) because you wanted to hold the camera. It had nothing to do with humiliation!


  1. This was the good laugh I needed this morning at work :) Winnie wears wackie things too, man I wish we lived closer!!!

  2. Oh kristyn, You guys have me cracking up again! I can only imagine how much fun you guys have all day!

  3. To funny.. adorable... memorable!


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