Monday, March 22, 2010

False Alarm & Wagon Ride

Did you enjoy the day? I sure did. Most of the time our mornings are kind of slow. I thought we were heading out the door at 9:30 am to run errands, but somehow an hour went by and you were just out of the bath, getting dressed, feeding Owen, having a snack, and putting your coat on. At 11am we made it to Gymboree for some sunglasses and shoes for your baptism next we.

Potty training is exciting. We were in Gymboree and you said "potty" so we sat our things down, hurried across the street to the Noodles & Co. where we found a family restroom. I tried setting you on the potty and you stiffened up and said, "No mommy, no potty, noooo potty" along with some crying. So we washed our hands, you tried to flush the toilet several times (but you didn't get to it because mommy is fast and flushing is part of the reward), and we went back to Gymboree. We walked back in the door and I put you down and you instantly said "Potty, potty mommy." I replied, "I'm sorry, but you just had your chance to potty." We bought our things, went home, and I changed your dirty diaper.

Later you went for a wagon ride, with Owen and I and I realized that I was a bit ambitious to take the large wagon all over the neighborhood. We have huge hills and I barely lugged you up one of them. I was desperately commanding Owen to help pull. He did. Phew. That's what the jogging stroller is for!

(Since I asked you to smile, you were trying with all your might not to.)


  1. oh how i look forward to the challenges of potty training. ha! I love this story. Let's try and set a date to get together. maybe I can meet the two of you for lunch?

  2. Kristyn, You are such a good narrator! i love reading about your days. Glad you guys are having fun. I can hardly imagine how crazy potty training the girls will be!


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