Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

mommy and ababa,
happy 27th almost 30th birthday! i can't believe you've had 26 birthdays without me in the picture. did you wish for me on your last birthday? so glad i'll get to celebrate the rest of your birthdays with you because i like you a lot. wait, isn't it unusual for mommies and daddies to have the same birthday? is this something special? mommy, is it true that you are 2 hours older than daddy?

ababa, thanks for teaching me how to pray, for taking me on jogs, for tucking me in every night, for teaching me french, for letting me build fires with you, and thanks for making me laugh so much.

mommy, thanks for our picnic date, for singing with me, for making me my favorite snacks, and for letting me kiss you over and over.

i hope you guys have a fun date night. don't worry about me. i'll be playing with gramma debby and great gramma ileen, so i may not even know you're gone.

i lub yew.

tegegne jones


  1. We were just looking at you guys!!! Happy Birthday to you and you Love Aunt Donna and Mom!!!!!alias Grama Debby

  2. so sweet. happy birthday you two! we love you guys. thanks again for the amazing anniversary card. ya'll are too much.

  3. I love it!

    Happy birthday you two. How fun to share such a special day. As Tegegne grows up, I know he will love celebrating his mommy and daddy in a special way!

    P.S. Let's go get Ethiopian food soon! Do we want to bring the kids?


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