Friday, March 5, 2010

Franck and Brynn

Dinner with Franck and Brynn was so French and so fun! It was so French because well, Franck is French and Brynn speaks French. They have a great--falling in love in France--story. Also French because we had Kir Royale to celebrate you, Little T. Also French because the delicious bread was sitting directly on the table, they served cheese between the entree and dessert, and most importantly it was French because we sat around the small cozy table and visited and ate for the majority of the evening. It was nice to be in Kansas City, but to be hosted as we were in France.

And it was fun because Franck and Brynn are just super fun. Brynn is about travel to Haiti with the actual Patch Adams, her father, and a crew of clowns to love on kids. She's so fun!

Thanks for the lovely dinner, Franck and Brynn!

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