Thursday, March 18, 2010

Digging for a Deck

house photos from here.

Well, it's spring break and we spent two point five enjoyable days in Arkansas, then your dad thought he should get into a difficult project. He is adding on to our back deck. I am very excited about it. He was excited until he realized that the whole day would entail jackhammering six large concrete blocks out of our driveway. At first we thought it may be a 3 day/3 dollar project. I think it's better that we start all projects with this mindset or we/he wouldn't be so ambitious! The photos above are deck inspiration, but also just mommy's daydream for the day.

In the mean time, I'm trying to learn how to be a good mom. Each day seems to be better than the last. One book says that as a toddler you will imitate your dad and I. What we are doing is what you are most interested in. I've found this to be quite true, so while I chopped tomatoes for the soup you chopped next to me. (although I had a new CutCo...thanks Joneses, and you had a very dull butter knife.) And while your dad jack hammered, we cleaned up the back yard, and you tried to get his attention with every barking dog and passing vehicle that you could hear. I also filled a large bucket with "oohwa" so you could pour it from one cup to the next. There was no miniature jackhammer at the Home Depot or you would have been right out there with him!

Ababa-yeh came in for dinner, put you to bed, then went back out for another half hour of jack hammering. I went to Micah's soccer game with Taryn, but rest assured that your father had the baby monitor duck taped to his power tools just in case you awoke from your sleep.

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  1. for some reason i have this funny picture in my head of michael jackhammering with a baby monitor strapped to his ear with duck tape wrapped around his face. love you guys!


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