Friday, March 26, 2010

The Drop Off Lane

Home in Union Hill for sale.

So I was talking on the phone with our adoption social worker while driving through some unfamiliar neighborhoods to stall before our 10am appointment. I was noticing the lovely homes around Union Hill, and kept driving. While trying to focus on my conversation, I turned a corner and realized I was in the school drop off lane for the Foreign Language Academy! I wanted to laugh out loud, but was still on the phone with the sw. There was no way out, so I stayed in the line and it felt like I was dropping you off for school. I saw many darling little dark skinned kids with their backpacks on ready for a big day. You'll be in school soon enough, and I'm not ready to be in the drop off lane for real.

We got out of the school driveway and made it to our 10 am appt early. Getting you to nap was much harder today than normal, but you are sound asleep so I must get some work done!


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