Saturday, March 13, 2010

Water is Fun

You loved the mass amounts of heavily chlorinated water that shot out of the fountains at Addie's Pool Party. You eventually held your head in the fountain, and it stayed there for the remainder of the party. It was funny. You probably drank more of that water than I'd like to know about. Speaking of which, you must stop taking drinks out of Owen's dog bowl. I've caught you 3 times now. Not funny. I think water is one of your favorite things. Brushing teeth (turning water on and off), eating snow, always noticing when Owen's out of water and refilling his bowl, taking baths, playing at the water park, water fountains (you don't drink but just let water hit your face) , touching raindrops, drinking clean water...the pouring of water from one vessel to the next occupies good chunks of time. Water. It's crazy to think of the abundance we have here. God, help the arid lands.


  1. Oh Kristyn, I have been cracking up at Tegen sticking his head in the fountain! How cute! He is going to be a little fish! It is also cool you guys have somewhere indoors to play in the water during the winter!!

  2. This amazes me even more than Tegegne pouring water in his face the whole time he is taking his bath. What is it with this fellow and water in his face?!! Give him a hug from Grama Debby.

  3. This post landed really deep with me. If we are children of a dry and arid place, His grace is an ocean so wide and deep we're just playing and sinking into it.


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