Monday, June 20, 2011

Tegegne: Conversations

VBS Theme, Pandamania!

(Walking out the door from VBS and hearing about his day...)

T: "Mommy, I did a good job. I didn't hit and I listened to my teacher. Can we go to the zoo?"
M: "Goooood Job, Tegegne! That makes me so happy! Maybe we can go to the zoo tomorrow."

(In the car...)
T: "The moon and the stars are with dark sky. And it's time to go to sleep. We need flashlights in the dark. Should we go to the store? My yellow flashlight isn't working because I left it on. And my camera needs batteries. Should we stop at the store? It would be quick."

T: "Where's Ababayeh? I want to see him."

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