Thursday, June 9, 2011

Michael: Trip to France, Part II

A true highlight of Michael's trip was his time spent with this family. The Monets. They lived just outside of Bayonne in the countryside with neighbors who had donkeys and chickens. He wrote me a message one day saying he had just spent an ideal day with these folks. Starting with hiking to Spain and eating at a Venta (small restaurant at the top of a mountain). Then a drive through the countryside, a nap, soccer with Remi and a little Ethiopian neighbor! Hot chocolate, and mountain biking with Vincent. After that they played the most fun game ever. Pelote en Trinquet (a very old Basque game like raquetball, but way more fun!)

Do you notice that this is the American and French students?

He got to see some of our favorite people in Paris. Timothee and his fiance, Anne. Timothee's family hosted us for a week in Versailles before picking up Tegegne last January. They are so much fun!

And he sat in my "dream sofa" at the Ligne Roset showroom!

And saw some lovely artwork at the Pompidou!

He had a great trip, but we are so glad he is home!

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  1. oh my gosh, that has just now become my dream sofa as well. :)


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