Friday, June 3, 2011

Dancing: Just the Two of Us

With Ababayeh gone and Hensley sleeping, Tegegne and I turned the kitchen rug into a dance floor. After dinner (rendition of "the works" from Main Squeeze) and before our microwaved smores...

Yes, the video is a bit of rediculousness. You know what else is rediculous. Me. And my idea to walk the kids (in the awesome bike-trailor-turned-into-stroller) to the grocery store at high noon, aka the heat of the day. It started as a good idea, then I ran home in my Rainbows, with kids (yes one is only 3 months) and the stroller weighed down with groceries. Even ice cream. It was so hot. I'm avoiding looking at the actual temperature because I feel bad enough having my little baby out in the heat. 

Speaking of my little baby...she is "calling my name" from the other room. It must be time for her late night snack. 

Good night.



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  2. you are the coolest mom.

    that is all.


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