Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fields Benjamin: 10 Months


Oh sweet boy. You were 10 months on July 13th, and we love this age. Pulling up to stand and crawling all over, you are on many new adventures. You eat everything we do, just in baby bites. Recently you've been a drool monster, getting some major teeth, with lots of tears and fevers. I think all of your back teeth are coming at once. (wishful thinking) On our recent vacation you swam in the lake and napped in the boat. We like introducing you to new things. You and Daddy have your own language, making noises back and forth.

I love it when you get dirt in your toes, because you are playing along with the big kids. You sleep with your gray donkey in a cozy sleep sack. We love it when you laugh out loud, usually with Tegegne tickling you. Daddy has enjoyed extra time with you, since he's on summer break.

We love you Baby Fields. Starting to think about your first birthday!



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