Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quality Time: Quality Coffee

Spending some quality time, (at Quay Coffee in the River Market) working on a set of drawings for a remodel in Prairie Village. (Working with a contractor to turn a Cape Cod into a Colonial!) This quality time deserved quality coffee...pour over coffee, that is. A Finca Las Lajas, Coasta Rican blend with sweet molassas, a nutty, yada, yada...good quality stuff. I am being more honest with myself these days. Coffee has made a fine appearance in our city. It tastes good, and as a working mother, I kind of like this little morning pick-me-up. I've always prided myself in not being "a daily" coffee drinker, like one of those people who needs my coffee before I can be friendly. Well, I'm not there yet...but ask me about it ten years and it will most likely be a different story. (Because I'm guessing that having my children between ages 12 and 18 will keep me up just as much as ages zero to five...ahhhh!)




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