Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Husband: My Client

So we are going to look at a house on Thursday. It's a 1600 sf shirtwaist with 2 full baths and 4 bedrooms. For me, it's like a design meeting with Michael as my client. I can walk through a house and picture it remodeled and awesome, but in order to really discuss it well, it must be drawn in 3D, right?

I sent him these rough drafts today. The idea is, it's 400 square feet less than we live in now, but if it's planned out well, with efficient square footage, it can work. I love, love, love the idea that this house could have glass along the entire back. So we could stand at our sink and look out into the back yard. I also love the sofa with chaise lounge off the kitchen...a great way to socialize around the kitchen. All 3 kids can have their own room on the 2nd floor and we can have the 3rd floor which has French doors to a balcony. 

Please ignore the vehicles...they may be out of scale. I was doing this very quickly! Also, I haven't been in the house...just took the few room measurements from the listing and total square footage and worked in the other spaces. If it's anything like I've interpreted it, it'll totally work!

I'm just hoping the foundation isn't caving in like the last house we saw. 


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