Monday, June 6, 2011

A Life of Love: Grandma Jody

Dear Grandma Jody,

Ever since you passed away a few days ago (Memorial Day, May 30, 21:21pm) I have been thinking of this letter I wanted to write to you. So I am finally sitting down and without hindrance I will write to you. 

Thank you Grandma. Thank you for living a life of love. Love and sacrifice. Thank you for coming in and raising my dad and his three siblings when their mother died. He was only five years old. You had two boys, had just grieved your husband's death, and moved from the city life to the country life to join Grandpa Cleve and his four children! Soon you had a baby girl with Grandpa. That made seven children that you fed and cared for the same. Being a mother now makes me think that there were times that you felt exhausted and overwhelmed with these huge life changes. My dad says he was so relieved when you came, to have a mother again that nurtured and fed him well! 

Thanks for the best ham and beans I've ever had. I loved your jello cake, no bake cookies, sheet cake, sweet tea, pickled cucumbers and onions, and haystack cookies. (You and sugar were friends!) You liked to put salt on green apples, so I did too. There was always something good to eat in your kitchen, and you'd feed anyone that walked in the door. 

Thank you for being a woman of faith in God. I learned at your visitation that you were most recently studying the book of Colossians in your Sunday School class. I learned that your favorite hymn was Holy, Holy, Holy. A song that I think you are listening to in Heaven, because don't the angels sing it all of the time? It was ironic for me to hear of that song being your favorite, because I had recently started singing it to Hensley as I rocked her to sleep. 

As tons of people walked through the line at your visitation to honor your life I couldn't help but think of your interactions with each person. Grandma, you left a legacy in your family and friends. 

I do have a few questions for you. Things that have been on my mind due to a recent book I read. So, is it true that you get wings in Heaven? And are there more colors than I can imagine? What about Jesus? Have you seen him face to face? Are you the younger version of "you" in Heaven? (If so, I'm guessing it's the you in the photo above!) Do you recognize friends and family that have gone before you? Can you "look down" from Heaven and see us on earth? (If so, I'm guessing you were so happy to have a house full of family the night of your visitation. Yep, all of us there having a feast from all of the food your friends sent over!) Anyway, I could go on and on but I'll stop. 

I love you, Grandma. Thank you for living a life of love. Being a friend to many, and a dear mother to my dad, and my sweet Grandma Jody.

Good night. 

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