Friday, June 10, 2011

Kids: Lovin' You Two

Oh, you two are cute. You know that? Tegegne, you love to kiss your little "Hens" as you recently decided to nickname her. Ababayeh and I often remind you to stop kissing her directly in the mouth, and the other day she spit up in your mouth due to your lingering kiss. As often as this gets on my nerves, I must remember the reason you love to kiss little "Hens." Because your birth mom was a kisser. Yes, when I met her, I was kissed and kissed on the cheeks. And I told her I would kiss you every day on her behalf. I am sure this is where you get your obsession with kissing. Sometimes Hensley winces upon your approach, but most of the time she likes it. 

Hensley, I love it when you finish eating and gaze up at me with the biggest smile. You are getting distracted while eating these days. You used to be all business, but now you take many breaks during your mealtimes. It's cute. You want to be in on the action. I am so glad that you love the mobile I made for you. It really has helped you to fall asleep without a peep a lot of the time. I also love that we have yet to buy you diapers! (Minus the emergency small pack when we were on vaca + thanks to the several boxes from your baby shower.) But overall, we've already saved lots of moolah using the clothies. 

Tegegne, this morning you made Taryn and I smile:
Tegegne: "Taarrryn, when are you getting marrrrieeeeddd? After my birthdayyyy?"
Taryn: "Yesssss, a few days after your birthdayyyyy!"
Tegegne: "Then Micah will live here too?!?"

And yesterday:
Tegegne: "Mommyeh, I learned a new dance move for Taryn's wedding, look!"

(So it's true that there's been a lot of fun wedding talk around here, and the big event is even on Tegegne's mind!) 

We love you, kids!

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