Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday: Lounging and Laundry

Lounging Beatles.

Lounging and laundry.  Better said as laundry and a bit of lounging. It's Monday. After a fabulous weekend, don't you just sometimes feel like staying asleep Monday morning? The little man in my house slept until 8am. Whoot, whoot. If I am really productive with this laundry stuff, maybe I can do a bit of lounging by the plastic kiddy pool in the back yard this afternoon. 

While I'm at it...this would be my summer swimsuit for lounging by the plastic kiddy pool.  Just noticed it's on sale. Too bad our current budget does not have a swimwear column. Notice how I said "current budget." Maybe I should add a swimwear column. Hmm.

A swimsuit for Hensley,

swim shorts for Tegegne,
and look, Ababayeh,  board shorts for you too! I mean, no one could keep up with the Joneses in all of these stripes! 

1 comment:

  1. I love that Anthro swimsuit! We don't have a swimwear column in our current budget, either, so you are not alone there.


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