Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ababayeh: Warby Parker's

Tegegne and I had fun helping Ababayeh pick out his Warby Parker glasses. The dark frames were the winners! He is super handsome in them. If you wear glasses, we'd highly recommend looking into some Warby Parker's for yourself. It is a super awesome business with a one for one modo like Tom's Shoes and the glasses are so affordable! 


  1. Hey Mitch and Millie,

    Wondering. I'm thinking about opening up a small shop for Charming Beard Productions in the next 5 months on the town square here in Pella, IA. So. Knowing that, how much do you (Kristen) charge for some interior decorating consulting?

    and... I love following your beautiful growing family on the blog. keep it up.

    talk to me soon,

    - sam duregger

  2. Hi there! Kristen, not sure if you remember me or not but I'm the mommy you met at thru Lee and Laura here in KC at their cookout about a month ago. Found you on FB and then found your adorable blog. Just thought I would try to get in touch with you. :) Hope you all are having a swimmingly wonderful summer.

  3. I'd never seen these but now I want some and so does E! Thanks for 'opening my eyes' to the world of Warby Parkers!


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