Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Michael: Trip to France, Part I

Michael had a wonderful time in the southwestern region of France, and part of Spain for the last two weeks. 

This was the sweet set up for a lovely evening of being "wined and dined" as the French hosts know so well.  "had a ton of duck, cheese, wine, bread, laughs..."

Michael with the lovely chaperones from his school, plus a dear French liaison on the right. 

Forty-three 6th graders from Academie Lafayette in Kansas City. Michael said they were good kids and they had lots of fun. Each child stayed with a different French host family. His highlight was seeing the American kids have to part with their host families. Many of them cried as they were so warmly hosted and loved by the French families. 

Michael continually kept "yours truly" in mind. Especially when he purchased those soft peach Anniels for me!  An Italian company that makes dance shoes...they are the softest leather and so comfortable. Thanks honey. 

Sweet Maylis, Louis, and Cyprian of Thomas and Claire that he got to spend a day at the beach with. His host family from last year that that we are now great friends with.  Thomas makes the best creme brulee, but this year he made something equally amazing that Michael will soon buy the molds for and try to make...canneles! (I could never get these right, but Michael is good at following tough recipes!)

Aren't they darling?

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