Monday, June 27, 2011

Hensley Ruth: Four Months

My name is Hensley. I'm four months old. So far my life has been pretty great. Lately I love my hands and feet. I chew on my tongue, suck my fingers, especially my thumb when I'm falling asleep. Did my mom mention that I rolled over a few days ago. Wish someone would have told me about this earlier. I totally prefer sleeping on my tummy.

Mom and Dad, I just wanted to say that I remember four months ago today. You guys worked together for hours to get me to be born. Well, I finally came out even though it was not how you had planned. It was a traumatic event for me too. I was relieved when Dad first held me. Then you held me. And eventually my brother did. Thanks for welcoming me so generously! I love my family!

I know you are all excited for me to say my first word. You do realize that once I start talking, that I probably won't stop. I guess that means my brother will have someone else to talk to. For now I'll keep smiling and making those sounds that you love. 
As I get older, I'm guessing I'll learn more about why those kids at the swimming pool ask if you are Tegegne's mom. They don't ask if you are my mom. What's the deal? I couldn't have dreamed of a better big brother!

I love you. Good night.

Hensley Ruth Jones, born February 28, 2011


  1. Hey Kristen! It was great seeing you.
    Here's a link to our blog:

  2. Happy 4 month Birthday, Hensley. Your Gramma Debby and Grandpa Ben love you!! Can't wait to see you and Tegegne on Saturday.


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