Monday, April 18, 2011

Family: Big Sky Ranch

Hey Ababayeh, I'll just be over here doing somersaults until you get the kite untangled.
As the Good Lord knows, I cannot sit still long enough to help you!

Cutest little grain bin that Gramma Debby is going to make into a play place
with a slide coming out of the side!

Grandma Ileen, your Great Grandma. Oh, the stories and memories I have with her. I cannot
wait to share them with you.  I look forward to you making memories with her, too!
(Making mud pies & forts in the woods, reading Heidi 100 times, spa days with Lindsey,
stories about her growing up in Denver with 'ol Lady Roth, and other scary stories
about the lady with the golden arm, baking, and more baking...mostly licking the spoon,
trips with the Old Car Club. She would even put my towel in the dryer so it would be warm
when I got out of the bath! I spent LOTS of time with my Grandma & Grandpa!)

Great Grandpa Orville could have held you for hours...but Grandpa Ben stole you back!
Our Little Stinker with Gramma Debby
Quick photo with Mom before getting back to time with the Boys.

Grandpa Ben had you smiling like crazy!
Here's proof to our relaxing retreat to Big Sky Ranch last weekend. These weekends allow us to kick back and catch a breath. It is so nice. 

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  1. We can't wait for your return while Michael is on his school trip to France. And of course the family reunion with all the cousins!


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