Monday, April 4, 2011

Hensley: Falling Slowly

Scout Photo
Hi sweet cheeks! I love the sequence of these photos. The first shows your cross-eyed look, then the second you are on the verge of falling and your hands are reaching towards something secure (aka "Mom or dad, help please...don't you see I'm falling?"), and lastly you slid all the way down. You lie there helpless, and soon started to cry, which was really you saying, "Guys it's not funny anymore, or cute...pick me up now, please?" 

Since I told Tegegne that your cry is your way of talking, he asks me what you are saying each time you cry. It doesn't bother me, but really makes me realize that I do know what cry means what. Or I think I know. One cry means "please feed me," one means "put me to bed please," one means "hold me please," one means "I pooped and am uncomfortable," and one means "it's evening and I would like to express myself for a bit." I think that's about all you "say" for now. 

You are starting to smile and look us in the eyes, and it's pretty great. Your torso is already longer than mine and I'm quite sure you will be taller than me. Just please don't get taller than your brother, okay?


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