Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New House: Projects + Kids: Day to Day

So Tegegne, you still call this our new house but it's not so new anymore. You often ask to see our old house when we are out running errands. Well, we will on Thursday because Phil (yes, Philvis) is taking you, Hensley and I out to lunch! It will be so fun to catch up with one of our favorite old neighbors.

On another note, I came up with a lovely house project for Ababayeh this weekend. Do you think he'll mind? It's just demolition of a few walls (which I realize involves clean-up and some slight repair!) Well, I felt like a genius when I realized we could do see in the process of looking up fence inspiration I realized that it would be great to have a screened in porch. My demo project doesn't exactly get us a screened in porch yet. We enter the house through our back breezeway which is about 5' x 5' of space, just off the kitchen. Adjacent to that is a back room (7'x10') just off of our family room with a large closet. We hardly utilize that space because it's inconvenient to get to. The two spaces are divided by two walls, that if we take out will make us one large back porch with three windows and our back door! Hooray! I can hardly wait! It will be a great space for our two puppy dogs to play, Owen and Tegegne).

And for our day-to-day Tuesday report:

To the smaller, more human, of the two puppies (uhem, Tegegne). You are often choosing to go potty in your pants this week. I heard that this could happen when a new baby enters the world, and it really is happening with us. I hope it's a short-lived phase. I feel like it was eons ago when you were potty trained and its so surprising to see you do "the walk" again. Good thing I'm already in clean-up mode with these cloth diapers. On a happier note, you leave school singing lots of new little songs with actions, and you are quite a sweet fellow. Today out of nowhere you said, "You are pretty, Mommy." I replied with a "Thanks Tegegne!" And you followed with, "Noooo say, thanks son." Your favorite thing right now is your new play phone with the recording from Grandpa Ben.

And to the smallest little peanut (not yet in puppy mode). You are smiling alot, and are finding your little hands. You are super strong, holding your head up often and standing for split seconds while being held. I think you'll crawl early. Your favorite thing, or two things are most likely attached to Mommy and are what feed you!

Just realized that both kids are asleep and I should go make an iced chai latte to help me kick back and relax a bit!

Oh Ababayeh, we are excited to play soccer with you when you get home. And guess what, Taryn just asked if we had plans for dinner. I said no. She said Micah is cooking tonight and they'd love for us to join them! Awesome, huh?

(images from Lake Flato, Dwell, and Remodelista)

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