Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kid Stuff: Clothing Lookbooks

A cute look for Hensley...a little big but conceptually cute.

For you, Tegegne.
And more for Hensley. (If I buy these shoes for your brother, you could wear them in a few years!)


I found some cuteness over at caramelbaby&child via emmas designblogg. I love these looks.  I'm so glad places like caramelbaby&child and zara have "lookbooks," because buying all of these clothes is not an option, and looking does not cost a thing!

As Tegegne would say, "Hensley Wooth, you are so cute." (He also calls you Sweetie.) It should be fun to shop with you someday. For now, would you please make it a little easier to put your clothes on? There is no trying things on and off, as if you were a baby doll. I better be quite sure of your outfit before the grand effort to get each little limb in the correct sleeve or pant leg. 

And a "look" for mom while I'm at it.  (from Zara)
These too! (from Zara)

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