Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day to Day: Kids & Neighbors

Scout Photo. Nick Welch. 

A Poem to Our Kids

You turn our gray skies blue.
You give us an excuse to go to the zoo.
Oh, what would we do without you.

Life is exciting, life is new.
You'll soon be off to college and we'll want to come too.
Oh, what would we do without you.

So one thing that made this mama's day so great--besides loving you two in spite of a couple of stinky diapers and some 3 year old let's-humiliate-mom-in-public time--was time spent with neighbors, one old, one new. Old neighbor Phil (better known as Philvis, the professional Elvis impersonator) took us to lunch and the Dollar Tree. You see, Phil used to spoil Owen with gourmet dog treats, then you (Tegegne) came along and he'd bring you toys. And today, of course we pick him up and he's got treats for Owen and both of you! 

When we moved to our new neighborhood we knew we would miss Phil a ton. Then we met Louise. I said that like we replaced Phil. We did not replace Phil, but I sure am enjoying Little 'ol Louise! She also shows up at our door with gifts of a different sort! Most of them family heirlooms...tea towels that her mother embroidered for her wedding gift, an embroidered wall hanging of the Lord's Prayer, the most beautiful tablecloth and napkins that I may use for Easter. She keeps bringing bags of Star Wars toys for Tegegne from her sons collection! This afternoon she told me the story of her handsome Italian husband, how they met, and funny details of their Italian wedding in the 1930's. ("Oh you know those cobblestone streets...well, a layer of our wedding cake fell off...and we had lots of people to feed." "People say my husband looked like Elvis...") I cannot wait for more afternoons with Louise! 

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