Monday, April 11, 2011

Not tonight....rats

Family -

Tonight I am a busy guy, and I am not very excited about this at all.  I need to go to the dentist after school, for 2 hrs...ugh.  Yea, really lame. Then, I have a board meeting to attend, and speak on some topics that may be rather uneasy.

I just want to come home after teaching.  I just want to play with you little Mr. Dena.  There are lots of options: puppy, cars, kite, catch, kick back, etc.  Ms. Ruth, you don't do much yet other than hold your head up, and then headbutt anything in your way.  I do love trying to take credit for your little smiles after your mother makes you fat and happy.  I want to give mom a break, and be tackled and yelled for.  Tonight, well, that won't happen.

Just know that I want to play, but I can't.  Tomorrow, Tegegne, maybe we'll fly a kite again. And for you ms. little cute as a button, I'll hold you as long as possible.  Those are great endings to the day.

Lovely wife, I'll see you for sure.  We'll catch up with the day's happenings, and maybe we'll watch a show.  I am sure you'll be tired, maybe I'll bring home a special treat for us to enjoy.  That is a good ending to a long day. 

I'm working hard for you all, and thinking of you often.  I'm starting to see what my dad said when he told me that "this is what life is all about..."

TDJ, go get sweaty and dirty.  HRJ, go get cozy and nap.  KLJ, enjoy the life you give to our family.

- The Dad

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