Friday, April 29, 2011

Hensley Ruth: Two Months

Well, hey there little nugget! You are two months old. So, how's it been? Do you like us okay? Is the temperature good in your room? How about the lighting? I know you still need curtains, but don't you love the bedding made by your Gramma Debby? For real though. You smile and coo, eat and poo. I'd say things are going well for you. (I love to rhyme.) Yesterday you had a check up at the doc. Things are mostly good. You are definitely eating enough because you weigh 12 lbs (that's the 90th percentile for kids your age!) When your brother came home (age 2 and 4 months) he was in the negative 5th percentile on U.S. charts at a whopping 19 lbs.  Pretty sure you are going to pass that mark with flying colors.

Your doctor is taking precautionary measures on your hip. She says that your cartilage is not growing fast enough on one side (which could cause hip displacement down the road). We will get it checked out at Children's Mercy on Tuesday, but at this point it should be an easy fix with some "sleep shorts" to get things on track. We pray that it can be corrected with minimal intervention.

On to the good stuff...your two month birthday present to mommy was SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Thanks Hensley! What a big girl you are! You slept from 11pm to 6:30am. And so did I! Horray. Maybe that can happen again. (Some may be asking if I put a spell on you...well no. I did, however, turn off the monitor. That means that I hear your cries (as our bedrooms are close) but not every grunt. We also do a lot of suggestions from On Becoming Babywise, and they seem to work for us!)

We have spent more hours outside than in today. On our second floor deck. It's great. I even brought your playmat out that we are borrowing from Mrs. Michelle.  You love that thing. And tonight mommy is having a Mom's Night Out with 19 awesome ladies! Double horray!


  1. happy 2 month birthday, hensley!! still dying to meet you!

  2. oh my goodness....babywise is awesome! congrats on hensley sleeping through the night! huge step!


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