Thursday, September 16, 2010

House For Sale

So our house is for sale. And I'm sorry but the adorable African in the front yard above does not stay with the house. Here's what does stay though, our master bedroom that Michael built for me two Christmas's ago. It's so peaceful up there. I have loved watching the seasons change through the big picture window. Our cozy wood burning (efficient) fireplace stays, along with a winter's worth of chopped and seasoned wood stacked out back. Our sweet front porch stays, where we've eaten many meals while greeting neighbors and dog walkers going up and down our street. (This is how we met Olive and her mom, btw. Tegegne ran out to the sidewalk to greet them, and to ask for a ride in Olive's pink car.) Being on this front porch also allowed us to meet Philvis, Bob & Momo, Troy, Angela & baby Cecelia, Jeff, Val, 4 yr old Jessie, & baby Lucy, Jenny & Kelly, etc, etc. There is great community on this street. I think every adult neighbor I mentioned has brought Owen home at least once. The multi level back deck stays. We have also eaten many meals back there. Tegegne and I have done lots of bird watching from that deck as well. I have enjoyed cooking many meals in our kitchen. And on and on.

So here's the real deal, we've promised our neighbors that we will only sell this place to someone awesome like yourself. Your good friend or relative would work too, I guess.

Did I mention that you can walk to the adorable Hi Hat coffee shop, or to the Plaza for fine dining and to shop sales at Urban or Anthro? Or you can walk a very short two blocks to the cutest park in the city.

Click here and print a coupon to buy the house half off. Okay sorry. But really, I don't think we can keep this place spit shined for too much longer so send your friends our way!


  1. you're really doing it!! so proud of you guys for taking a leap of faith and going for it!! to be perfectly honest...looking at your photos made me wish that WE could buy it and move in! you guys did such a good job with it. and you'll do as great with the next place too :)

  2. i wish i lived in KC and then we would buy it! it is lovely!!!!! great job guys!


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