Wednesday, September 1, 2010



I got an impromptu report from one of your teachers at school yesterday. It made my day! She pulled me aside as I was dropping you off and said the following:
"Hey, I wanted to tell you that I'm really impressed with Gunyea. I've gotten to know him quickly because he is a very friendly guy. He's quite capable too. I often see his wheels turning as he figures things out. He is eager to get right into our next activity. He rarely needs help in the bathroom. etc."

I never realized how such a report would make me feel so proud. Way to go, Gunyea! 

Just got an email from the school suggesting a Japanese style lunches for kids. The bento box. It is quite perfect timing, because I was thinking that you should at least get a real lunch box instead of the shopping bag we've been using.You continue to request apple sauce and pb & j. I was disappointed yesterday when you didn't eat the banana and blueberries, because you usually eat everything I pack. Maybe if the banana and blueberries look like a sea creature you'll indulge.  There is an Asian market down south that probably sells them. This mom just used muffin tins. I probably won't get this creative, but they say that color and presentation is important.

Photos from Muffin Tin Mom


  1. Bull if you just commented on my blog while I was reading your blog! CRAZY!!! You are way too good of a mom. . .just wait until number two comes and makes life crazy! :)


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